October 22, 2011

Day 3: Halloween in Miniature 2011 - Sweet Rooms, Sweets for the Sweet

Welcome to Day 3 of the 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature for 2011.

The party went on so late last night that some of the guests stayed over, so we're serving breakfast before everyone gathers for today's festivities. (** Don't forget - before you go into the dining room, get your ID checked at Day 1.)

It's best to start the day with a good breakfast, so today's menu features some protein-rich Witch's eggs and some fortified orange juice made by these bloody red oranges. Oh, and never mind, please ignore the screams in the kitchen. (Foods by IGMA Fellow Kiva Atkinson of Kiva's Miniatures.)

Before you go through the door into the courtyard where the buffet is being set up, you may want to peek into some other rooms for the party. (Courtyard by Tracy Topps, Minis on the Edge.)

Matilda is allowing guests a quick look at her Potion Room, but hands off! This is mighty potent stuff. (Sorry, no children are allowed!) (Handmade potion cabinet and contents by Victoria Dark Squirrel, Dark Squirrel's Miniature Asylum; doll by BellaBelle Dolls.)

Oh, it seems those mischievous Pumpkinhead twins (BellaBelle Dolls) are sneaking around again. Excuse me while I scare them off with a warning about the guard dragon under the stairs. What, you don't believe me? Do you really want to see if this is real?

If any of the kids (or adults) are up for a little snack, there's a great selection of sweets on the party table.

Help yourself, I hear the Graveyard Cakes are nice and chewy. Or how about a tempting green marshmallow Franken-cookie? (Table and sweets by Amelia Schmelzer, The Frippery Factory.)

Amelia, who 's 16 and started making minis in grade school, says her items today are a far cry from when "a lot of the stuff I made looked like something you'd scoop out of a litter box!" (ha!) She loves making minis, plus practicing and improving her skills.

Btw, Amelia invites readers to craft with her in the "I'm a Giant Challenge" to make and furnish a dollhouse by Dec. 15. She says, "mini making is expensive, but I want to prove that you can create an awesome scene without spending hundreds of dollars. I'm thinking there'll be lots of tutorials and maybe some swaps (it's much easier for me to swap mini food than it is for me to actually buy things), so if you have any resources and/or friends who're thinking along the same lines, let me know!"

* This sounds fun! * Read more about the Giant Dollhouse Challenge.

* Blogs:
* Check out the amazing original Paper Clay houses and scenes by Tracy
Topps, Minis on the Edge
* Amelia Schmelzer, http://www.etsy.com/shop/FripperyFactory
* Julie Campbell,BellaBelle Dolls
* Victoria, Dark Squirrel's Miniature Asylum
* Check out Amelia's new venture, free mini food tutorials

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Cynthia Taylor said...

Yum! Kiva's always so imaginative. Amelia's treats are awesome.

Dianne B said...

Love all the unusual food. Makes me hungry!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Awesome Chris!!! I love Kiva's witches eggs. Thank you so much for the picture of Helen's Vinweeda cupboard, it was one of my all time favorite commissions.


NarinaNäpertää said...

Kiva's foods are always so awesome.

I LOVE Victorias potion cabinet.

There were some delisious looking food there... Maybe I dare to taste some... ^^

MiniHugs, Irina