October 23, 2011

Day 4: Halloween in Miniature 2011 - Haunted Places

Welcome to Day 4 of the 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature. It looks like some of the guests are wandering around, so we're organizing a little tour to some of the spookier properties nearby.

(** If you haven't, please make sure you check in first at Day 1.)

Oops, tiptoe past Hays House (by Dorothy Hays, see above and below.) Dorothy, who only began making minis a year ago, (welcome!) made this house from a Michael's puzzle house so she could have a haunted house that lights up.

Oh, no, hurry-hurry. I see Mrs. Finster peering out the window and she does not look happy!

The old bag HATES strangers sneaking around her house. Make sure you stay away from that cane of hers.(Ghost by Nancy Cronin).

Maybe the owner at Henry House is home. I hear she's a fantastic baker! (Kate Henry made the house last year for her granddaughter as a way to cope with the loss of her oldest Pug.) Funny thing about the house though, Kate says her 4-year-old granddaughter, who loves Halloween, "decided it's too scary to go home with her so it should stay in my workshop 'till she grows up. It's nearly a year and she can now look inside without screaming out of the room, but she doesn't want to be any place around it when it's lit up at night."

Kate, who's been making minis for over 10 years, found out how giving miniaturists can be when she moved from Florida to New Mexico to escape the hurricanes.

The late doll maker Beth Lane and her husband invited the Henrys to stay with them, offering the family (including nine dogs, two cats, and a then-pregnant daughter) a place for three months until their home was finished a half-mile away.

Everyone please, back in line. The next house....

Oh, no. Sorry. RUN!

It's the Skellie Dogs, Spike and Fido. Run.... oh, heh, look at that. He wants to play. What do you know? Well, let's keep moving anyway, shall we?

These amazing original dogs are handmade by Alice Zinn.

Alice, who makes an assortment of realistic dogs, also has the distinction of creating a miniature version of the Obama's dog, Bo for the White House in Miniature.

Shall we continue the tour?

* See more of Dorothy Hays's miniatures photos. See more photos here.
* Read my story about Alice Zinn here.)

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  1. OMG!! The Henry House is FAB!!
    And I just LOVE Mrs. Finster - they both are amazing.. WOW!

    MiniHugs, Irina

  2. Oh that nasty stain on the carpet's gonna be tough to get out. I'm with Narina - WOW!!

  3. I'm with Narina - WOW!!! That stain is gonna be nasty to get out of that carpet. I love Mrs. Finster. The skel dogs are too cute!


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