March 06, 2024

Writing Interruption: Ghost Story Accepted!

(Haunted image:

 Commercial break!

Between making minis, I do still write, you know. haa! 

Yay! New and first acceptance of the year: My ghostly story, "Secrets of the Last Mine," has been accepted for a ghost anthology. A goal I had was to be in an anthology like that --- and get this story out there.

The story behind the story: This story was originally accepted for an anthology, then declined, then I kept reworking, re-editing, re-titling, and re-sending it out. I almost, almost gave up on it, but I still liked the story, so it was just a matter of finding somewhere it would fit.

About the story: It's a ghostly, eerie tale. Nothing gory here.

Jake Simon is haunted by dark memories and the mine disaster that happened in his childhood. Now the mine is finally being shut down - and it's time for him to face the past and the "Secrets of the Last Mine."

I'll include more details soon.