July 16, 2021

Yay! A Real Life #Dollhouse #Miniatures Show!


(Photo: Me and Hubby talking about my purchases. Or, what happens when you spend a lot of $.  haa! From All About Miniatures. See more below.)

Oh, the wonder of actually getting out after over 1 1/2 years to see a real life dollhouse show!!

Just got back from the Chicago Spring Showcase dollhouse show at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Schaumburg, Ill. This used to be run by Three Blind Mice and was previously held in April, though everything got pushed back later because of Covid.

So fun to look around again and pick up stuff and see what's new! 

Want to see what I got? Oh, sure you do!! (Click photos for full size.)

So... Love when I come across some new kits I haven't seen before, especially in half scale. I also got a few odds and ends not shown here like a couple teensy black plastic cats that I'll flock and paint, and some metal miniatures to paint.

Found quite a few interesting half scale kits from All About Miniatures. Greg, the owner, also said he plans to add more HS kits as he had quite a few different styles in quarter and 1" scale. (Update: He'll have a website up in a week or so, so be sure to check http://allaboutminiatures.com.  I'll check back to make sure I have the address right.)

I was glad to find this longer table kit (comes in maple and walnut) as I needed something to put in front of the balcony in the second floor hall in the Victorian-flavored HS dollhouse. (Scroll down or see archives list in left column for other posts and photos.) The chair kits were also kind of neat to add a 50's-60's flair to a room. 

And I couldn't pass up this unique kitchen cupboard kit (above) from Ron Chase at D-Tales Miniatures just for the different components. I'm sure I'll need cabinets in some project... I especially was interested in the dish drainer in the kit as I need one for the dollhouse kitchen! 

His filigree carved clocks are so incredible! Wish I'd taken some photos. Here's one of his clocks on top the shelving unit at the Miniature Whims blog. (See this carved wall clock on Otterine's blog, photos 1 and 2. I'll probably kick myself for not buying one. (I see he'll be at the Bishop Show in April so I'll plan on that!) Here's a couple of his carved items on another site.)  But we did get this really neat old-fashioned radio from his table. 

Also from All About Miniatures: I'll use the palm tree carving for my half scale beach house wall because sometimes I like using larger items for effect. It might even work as some kind of wall/room divider. The spooky cameo will work as a dollhouse wall plaque, too. The carved zebra was just kind of cool and different. Here's what the actual carvings look like, too.

And about the Skellie couple at the top of the blog... He also had a fun selection of dressed skeletons. Just love 'em! These are my titles:  :)

Gossip Girls:

The Three Stooges:


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