July 21, 2021

Mystery Item #miniatures


Today's Mystery Item:

Can you guess what this is?? It's cast in resin, the top is a solid piece, so it's pretty heavy, too.

Funny story on this - I can't even remember when I bought it... years ago. A real long time ago.

I'd seen it online I think and liked it. Bought it, then during one of my "reorganizing" stints, I guess, I stuck it in a drawer. Forgot about it. Totally. haa! 

Wow! Something new to work on. haa! (Like I don't have enough projects?! Oh, and I have another project idea to show you next, too.)

So, I guess I'll have to work on it now since it's out  and won't take a lot of work. Miraculously it wasn't broken and all the pieces are here. (Cool, I see it even has a light bulb but I'll switch it to LED I think so I can use a battery box.) 

I think it'll be a perfect Halloween addition to my house and Halloween scene.... I put most of the stuff away so when I bring it out towards October again I can enjoy the redecorating and changing stuff around. The house sits out, but it gets boring leaving everything else out. 

Here's what this should look like: 

Stay tuned for progress pix. --Chris