July 20, 2021

More #HalfScale #Dollhouse Rooms & Finds


Took a few more photos of the interior of the Victorian-flavored half scale dollhouse. (See other photos at archives in left column or scroll down. Click photos to enlarge.) Plus I did forget a couple photos from the dollhouse show. See other photos here.

Show items:

Love these Egyptian items (above), always get one or two when I see them at William Chabron's table (WCD Miniatures). I'll get to doing that Egyptian room one of these days. ha! I know not everyone likes dolls in rooms, but I have a beautiful kit I got some years ago that I want to include, simply because the decorating will be fun as the glitzier the better for a Cleopatra!

Also got this cool Indian figure from J&J Dollhouse Miniatures at the show. Thought it would fit perfect in the second floor hall. (No more room in the travel-room den!) The Egyptian statue got put in the room, though. 

Another Find:

Wanted to share this beautiful little cabinet (10" h, 9" w) I just found at Goodwill. It's so pretty that I thought it would be perfect to put more of my Ladies Shoppe items inside. (Here's photos of the first cabinet I did.)  The sides are etched glass. It even has a nice wood back inside that will make a good display wall. Couldn't pass it up. I also got a photo box which may work as I wanted to make a half-scale attic inside if we can get the inside insert out. It has glass "windows" so that would work well. 

What's New in the Dollhouse:

Some recent items I added in the dollhouse:

Dining room: Buffet, which includes some items from the last Half Scale group swap, and a tiny mirror on wall from a set found at Hobby Lobby. I made the set of books. The buffet is actually the bottom of a dresser; I removed the mirror. The table and chairs are in the center of the room. I got that handmade fruit years ago on eBay.

Front hall: I didn't show the art too well before. I had added gold accents on it, too.

Kitchen: I'll get a better photo once I add things to the counter. But the teapot border is on the wall and I found this chef to add though if I remove that base he'll be too short. ha! I'll have to make the rug and cover the base so it blends in more. The curtains do look better shortened just as valances.

The hall: Added this gold charm to the wall and put some tiny colored balls  on it. I love the fancy shelf unit. Got it in the last half scale swap. It's from Ron Chase (D-Tales) who makes those amazing filigree clocks I saw at the recent dollhouse show. The shelves go perfect with my carved entrance wall. 

Living Room: I liked the colors in this art. Have to add some flowers on the coffee table yet. I'll have to try to match the art. Maybe some colorful daisies.

Also added this little guy by the fireplace. The dog bed kit is from MiniEtchers.

Flowers for the front: The flowers for the front walk. I used several punches and regular colored typing paper to make them. They're layered kind of like roses. I did the same flowers in the trellis in front, which you can see better.

Can you guess what's my favorite color? haaa!

That's it for the moment! Thanks for stopping by again! --Chris