August 11, 2021

Latest #Dollhouse #Miniature Finds and Rooms

 I was lucky today! Went to Goodwill and found a good assortment of  punched flower and leaf petals. I was getting low on these tinier petals which are used for Impatiens, so thrilled to find them! Plus Geranium leaves and an oval type leaf, plus yellow "foam" for flower centers. Only $1.99! Also found a whole big bag of sticky-back rhinestones which I use for potion bottle tops and other things. There also was some green quilling paper that may be useful.

And I found these little figures which are kind of interesting. They're a bit chunky but about 2 1/2" high, so may work in some half scale rooms with slightly larger furniture. They're kind of cute and could work in certain scenes.  Maybe I can use some by the eventual beach house.

* House Updates:

Changes on the Half Scale Victorian-flavored House continue. (See archives in left column or scroll down for past posts.) 

I changed the parlor to add another chair in and added pillows on the couch and chair, plus a small ottoman. (It doesn't show behind the coffee table. The ottoman, btw, is simply one of those round foam sheet layered "beads" from the dollar store that I covered with fabric.) The left chair is vintage plastic, which I usually cover with cloth but decided this time to leave it as is. The right chair I made from a pattern from Terri Shuping Correll in the Half Scale Miniatures group on FB. She sends the pattern free by request.

This was fun. All the craft items are from various swaps from the Half Scale Miniatures group at  The craft table was a 2019 Name Day project.  (Scroll down photos on page.) This goes in the top floor craft room.  (The green fern wallpapered room.)The table also has tiny bins added on one side. Cubby bins kit from S&S Furniture Co.

This was the best change. I forgot I had several other pieces stashed away that I'd bought when the half scale Jefferson Monticello dollhouse furnishings were marked down and discontinued. This "leather" chair really does fit the den better. It's a neat chair as it is rather unusual looking. The top and bottom are two pieces and it actually swivels.

I also added a red chair (above) from the Monticello collection to the hall as it adds some extra color against the tropical art on the wall. I also have one of the blue chairs similar to it in the dining room.

The Monticello dollhouse, a 1/24 scale replica of Thomas Jefferson's historic home,  was actually a pretty interesting house, but I think it had a limited audience as my guess is you almost felt confined to follow the historical style and time period. See photos of the house kit here. 

That's it for now! See you next time!