April 05, 2021

Plants! #dollhouse #miniatures

It's Spring so time to get some things planted! 

 Made great progress on the Half Scale House. The rooms are all lit and we decided to split the end room on the second floor by the tower. It'll now have  a small girl's bedroom and a rooftop deck on the other side! Yes, that door will be locked so the girl doesn't sneak out to look at the stars at night! ha!

 I like that the bedroom will have a brick wall and I found some interesting vintage-look wallpaper with pink flowers for the two walls. The design is a bit larger, but sometimes I think that works. It goes well with the bed set I had dressed earlier. More photos coming! 

In the meantime, I thought I'd share what I decided to do in the window boxes. I painted them a mustard yellow and decided the shutters will stay a dark sage green. Have to decide on the color for the decorative pieces above the windows yet.

The planter boxes are tiny but I wanted some big flowers to add interest. If you haven't looked, I found these plastic plants for fish tanks at Meier. They'll make nice small bushes outside, too. I painted the daisy-like flowers and added black flocking in the center. The boxes also have moss on the bottom and I added some tiny impatiens flower punches for more color. I'll paint some of the other bushes, too, to take away the plastic look.

Spring makes me want to make dollhouse plants, too, so I'll  be making lots of plants for the house inside, too. Plus I have to dig out plants I got from past swaps in the Half Scale Group. I'll share photos of those soon, too.