April 14, 2021

The $1 Million #Dollhouse, Kind Of #miniatures

 The roof is attached Yay! It's actually looking pretty good. (Oh, and wait 'till you see the very pretty wood decoration I just found at Goodwill and painted. Better than just using the usual Victorian-style arch on the top!) 

And then we realized something...

Oh, no! Who the heck really wants to glue hundreds of these tiny 1/2" high shingles on one-by-one??? What a lousy *&^#### project! Sure, wood looks nice, but... Big but!

Well... looked around and don't know why I didn't realize there also are strips of the asphalt roofing in half scale size. Yes! So more $$$$. ha! Hey, my "small" contribution to the economy, right? So we bought these:

So, waiting on that.

Working on it being the $1 million house. ha! Not quite, but.... it seems every time we turn around, there's something else to buy. It adds up. And no, I'm not keeping track though I do have some receipts saved. 

Guess that's why people do the self-contained Chinese-made house kits. You get everything though the quality isn't always there and the scale can sometimes be off.  I have several of those, too. I bought a small one recently from Hobby Lobby just to make some of the items for the girl's bedroom and maybe the deck if they fit right... Or they can be used in the playroom. Either way... 

With most projects, it starts out with some things and then you need more. It started with lights, needed more. Then it was kits. Oh, there are never enough kits! (Coming today. I'm looking forward to doing that kitchen, though I'm also dreading it once I see all those pieces!)

I also have other furniture kits saved,  probably using some once I see if they fit or not. After this.... is there an after? Yes! Do I start on the sea captain and mermaid house, or do the Haunted House? I have two house kits set aside and  I've been saving-saving-saving things for both.... I have some different decorating ideas for both of those! Hmmm, decisions, decisions.  Stay tuned! And thanks again, for stopping by!