January 19, 2021

New Year, New - Old - HS Dollhouse Project 2

 It's a New Year, meaning a new project, right?

Well, yes, and no.

 (click photos for full size.) 
We pulled out the half scale house that's sat for oh.... maybe 10 years I think? And once we got past the initial arguments (I'm design/decor, he's building and finishing), then maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to keep at this and get it done. You know how it is doing renovations, etc. on a house... it's the same as real life, only smaller. haa!

This is my third larger and full size half scale house besides the country house and the yellow playhouse. (I also have three smaller HS houses: a Tudor one with bakery; a house turned garage, and two for Halloween, plus a one-room house turned garage.) Forgot, there's the small Tudor herbal house, too (see county fair post)...  (First Tudor, also see bakery pix.)

This house is handmade, adapted from part of a smaller house kit and added on to. I don't remember all we did though the tower is handmade.  It does have some flaws, but? I decided to keep at it. I have soooo much furniture and accessories, plus decorative items from years of half scale swaps stored away, that it'll be nice to have somewhere to put a lot a lot of it. 

As this was back when half scale lights were really hard to find, we bought some very expensive handmade lights for this,  along with a few I found in later years. I'll show those once the second floor ceiling/floor is in. 

Just to show color schemes: kitchen, hall, dining room. 
Below: tower curtains. The tower will have a statue, small bench and lots of plants.

It doesn't look like much yet but some new lights were added (not shown), curtains finished, trim moldings put in,  and it was painted outside - again. Third time. I had a greener yellow paint by Martha Stewart, which got lumpy, so I had to get another paint, which was slightly lighter. But it'll look ok once I add the sage green shutters and some windowboxes, (which I dread making sooo many - there are about 18 windows. But boxes will be on the front only.) plus some decorative trims and moldings. Have to figure what colors to add yet. 

We also put a new floor in the hall for the third time. (Three times seems to be the charm on this house.) I had a wood floor and didn't like it so it was pulled up. The tile laid down bumpy so we had to redo the tile sheet pasted to a piece of cardboard. That was glued down around the edges only, just in case. It does look better with a tile floor. I don't look forward to doing the staircase railing and spindles. So tiny!

I know, not much to see yet, but hopefully there will be soon. I'll show the handmade fireplace, too, once we light it up.  Stay tuned for more!