December 31, 2016

Mini Year in Review 2016

Happy New Year (almost!)
 (And wishing you the best in 2017!)

With 2016 coming to an end, I thought I'd share a few of the miniature projects I completed this year. You forget what you've worked on until you actually see the photos together. (Click photos to view full size.)

In no particular order:

* Finished re-decorating the Tudor Half Scale house  - first floor bakery; second floor living space. * See more inside photos and the front exterior.

* Finished decorating the outside of the Half Scale Garage. (Won Grand Champion ribbon at the summer County Fair.) * See fair photos and full outside of garage.

* Also finished the flower bed on the side of the garage. I'm still finishing up the outside to display a "mini" garage sale scene. I set it aside for a while.

* I did come out with a new book, Dollhouse Decor & More, with co-author/miniaturist Joanna Campbell Slan.  (It includes the flower box and wisteria wreath shown above.) See Amazon link - website.

* Built a new Half Scale Potting Shed kit from Mini Etchers
 * Photos of inside of shed.

* Almost done:
Right now, I'm finishing up a few little decorations inside in the redecoration of the Half Scale Porch. Started it a long time ago, didn't like it, the roof fell off! and I finally decided to finish it. It turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!

  I wanted to use things I mostly had on hand so that worked out pretty well. Here's a preview... so far. I'll do another post soon when I finish the inside and will share all I did! Happy finally with how it's turning out. I love the colors!  (I still have to add the porch rug and door mat here, and probably some wall and door art. Maybe a couple hanging plants yet, too. As you can tell with most of my projects I like them to be well-decorated and kind of busy! There is a small room I added on the back of the porch, so I'm finishing a few more decorations in there, too.)

* I also renovated and redecorated a Halloween Market Stall I made a while ago. It turned out pretty cute, too. (There's been a couple changes since this pic - the cat looks better now with a collar and whiskers!)

* I have some other cute things I finished... a few I can't share as they are Christmas gifts for a friend to be opened yet as we're getting together late!

I know I've forgotten some others, but this is a start. Makes me feel like I got something done. ha!

*What projects are up next? 

On the agenda, though it doesn't mean I'll get to them all:
* Mini Camper  - I think it'll be a shabby chic cafe - coffee shop.
* Finish the Half Scale Garage sale scene
* Finish the shoe store roombox and a dress store roombox. (Renovating a used box I bought.)
* I have a new room box - thinking of maybe using it for the Tudor hall I planned a long time ago.
* Build the A-frame Half Scale Beach house.
* Build a half scale Victorian Halloween house.
* Still have things saved and waiting for the men's shop in an old cigar humidor box.
* Two Greenleaf dollhouses are pre-built and need to be decorated, electrified, painted and wallpapered. One is the general store kit, which I was thinking of doing totally white as a shabby chic setting for my Ladies' Shoppe items. I have a ton of stuff made and saved...
* Of course there are other ideas, too! 

** What miniature projects did you finish this year? 
* What projects do you hope to get to next year?