February 24, 2016

Half Scale Beach Cottage Dollhouse

(Half scale cottage - Terri Correll photo)

I've been toying with the idea of doing a half scale Sea Captain's House. Originally the idea was to set it in a large boat-shaped shelf. But... I also happened upon this dollhouse kit that was sold as part of a North Carolina NAME project organized by Terri Correll so I might have - probably - changed my mind. 
The half scale cottage by Laser Tech Designs was a good deal (probably a special for the club) with the kitchen kits and a few tote bag favors included. One I couldn't resist. ha!
I asked Terri if I could share some photos of a few of the finished cottages. See below.

I may not get to my own house for a while yet but I keep thinking it would be a cool Witch's Cottage too. Still, I'm leaning toward the Sea Captain's House.

The house likely will have some kind of story connected with it. I have a love story evolving in my head about the sea captain's discovery and love for a mermaid that'll fit into the house plans and design. I wanted to make another half scale mermaid so now I have a reason. Plus, I have some great art and shimmery design ideas in mind. 

Furniture KITS: 
I got the beach house idea as I had this half scale sea captain figurine and then I saw these different kits from Mini Etchers at the Spring Three Blind Mice show in Schaumburg and also at the Online Miniature Show. (Coming up March 17-20). 

 So I have some of Mini Etchers' kits already like the cute boat shelf, sofa and cottage table. I see a few more to get, too.

 I also got the sink, stove and want to add a couple more cabinets to do the cottage-style kitchen. (She has several styles you can mix and match.) And the Eastlake furniture is  something different you never see. I got the settee (so far! ha!0 for the HS Victorian House.  

 So far I did find these two fabrics, also, that I posted earlier and want to use in the Sea Captain's House. I think the color scheme is perfect to fit into one of the rooms. I loved the designs of the fabrics! -- I'll keep you posted on updates!


Here are some photos of the interior of Terri's beach cottage: 

House 2 by Donna Deal:

House 3 by Gayle Hansen - barn and farm!

House 4 by Lynn Frank

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