November 09, 2020

Unexpected Creepy #Miniature Project Idea


Ideas can be found in the strangest places, or be inspired by certain things.

Latest Goodwill trip had hubby find this - which of course, couldn't be passed up. 

I've got an interesting idea for this one. Now I know why I keep buying and saving all those Skellies every year at Halloween, before they quit making them....

Interesting is that it also talks when the lid opens. ha! (It's a quit smoking gag, I guess, so several sayings about that. Ashes to ashes, etc. ) And the Skellie lady will fit better once I do some, er, "embalming" work on her...heh-heh.

Prjoject #1001. ha! Or something like that. Btw, the Halloween shop and record store are - finally - about done! Photos coming soon! I was trying to figure what to work on next, so this may be one of them. Yes, I seem to do several projects at once. (Why it takes so long to finish one, I guess.)