April 12, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project Lucky 7, More Progress!

Welcome to Day 7 of the Paris Miniature Project. Yes, we made it this far!!

The planning continues for the Paris Miniature Project which is my friend Gigi Nephew's Serendipity Shed renovation for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest. 
(Click photo in left column to go to Day one to follow the blog series or here -Day 1  - See last entry Day 6.)

More Progress!

It’s Friday and a little bit of progress has been made.  The holes for the second floor (which is being made from scratch) are measured and drawn to fit the two window and the side door. This was actually a bit of a task as the windows have shutters and there is not a whole lot of space as I wanted two windows as opposed to one big window. Hopefully next week I can share pictures. 
Also, the store section has been taken apart (from being taped together) and outlined as I will be wallpapering next week!

Speaking of the store, I am looking through my mini stash and gathered some items for the shop, (one or two items may end up on the other floors). I came across some neat clocks, too, so I may end up incorporating those into the shop as well.
 (Ooh, those are neat clocks and I love that trunk!--Chris) 

Come back and visit next Tuesday as I share my progress. --Gigi
 Until then… Happy Creating!
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