March 06, 2023

Ta-dah! The Fairfield Dollhouse Exterior Done!


Hard to believe, I finally got the outside of the Fairfield Dollhouse done! 

All I had left was to add some thin trim next to the roof on the under-layer. I decided to paint cloth-covered wire the same tan as it was the thinnest pieces I could find. Worked out well since I didn't want something that showed too much.

This is a hard house to photograph because of the angles, so bear with me. (Click photos for full size. See the last post-crates; see other posts in archives in left column.)


The fencing, of course. Used the chipboard fence from Alpha Stamps, which I cut and glued into staircase railings.

Decided I didn't like the plain brick beneath the bottom windows, so I added some wood ovals painted black with gold accents. Then I used some of the pieces I cut off the fencing and made a kind of fleur de lis shape. For fun, I decided to add some bunnies for Easter. 

Here are the porches:

The chairs are neat, metal with a vintage print. Yeah, the giant egg is hokey, but I didn't want to leave the Halloween pumpkins up (and the other rubber shapes I have for Halloween fit even better- but later. ha!) Hopefully I'll find some plastic/rubber plant shapes or something for in-between.

I'm going to change that hanging plant on the top porch as I think a trailing plant will look better. Just wanted to put something there for now. And I have a fun idea for that blank wall next to the chairs on the first floor porch below; have to find the ivy leaves...

Here's the front door. Couldn't resist adding some "Easter eggs" in the pot. That other pot in the corner has a "bunny" hiding in it. 😏 Overall, I like how it all came out. I'd have done a few things different, but that's hindsight, you know. ha!

Photos of the finished girl's and boy's bedrooms are coming up next, so be sure to come back.
The dining room is also coming up with the kitchen, once I add the art in there. As the dollhouse shows are in April, I should have some more stuff to show too as I'll be looking for kitchen accessories and things like that. Then there is the annual half scale swap before that. So, some stuff to look forward to!

Below: here's a video of the exterior; excuse the background. 
(See YouTube link if it doesn't play right.)

Thanks again for stopping by!