March 26, 2023

2023 Half Scale Dollhouse Swap


Every March-April means not only Spring is coming. It's also  time for the annual swap via members of the Half Scale Group. (Click photos for full size.)

Been doing this for years and it always results in a nice assortment of accessories and things to use in my half scale houses. It's great as the swappers always come up with some interesting and unique items, too. (Here's last year's  Antiques swap and previous plants and toys swaps.)

There's a theme each year, which is a guide or suggestion but swappers are free to make what they want. I was surprised as for fun I suggested "Kitschy" and that was chosen. Weird theme, I suppose, but it certainly is wide open to some different ideas, those "trendy" every-man-type treasures and mass-produced art and stuff we all had at one point: black velvet art, Elvis pix, big-eyed animals, poker-playing dogs, etc. Some call it tacky art, but it's all in fun. Here's the definition of Kitsch.

The fun was a lot of this brings back memories. Once I saw those big-eyed animal pictures, I knew that's what I was making.  I also added the tiny bag of chips. If you don't know, the chips are actually dried green pepper seeds. (See top photo.) Cute craft apron and tiny magical cat with hat (and a larger pic to show his friend in his hat) from Gail.

More art: Western art (Ruth G.) and fun that Terezinha framed and printed the Poker Playing Dogs. ha! Assorted books and cookbooks from Bea. Too bad, no one did the black velvet Elvis picture or the giant fork and spoon everyone hung in their kitchens.

Cool, or should I say, Groovy, beaded curtain from Emily. (Be sure to check out her half scale houses and projects at her blog. Update: See her tutorial to make your own beaded curtain.) I feel a '60s-'70s room coming on which could be fun to do....

Some nice brackets and tea candles, a teensy elephant and crystal ball from Paula W. 3D-printed mugs and lanterns from Jen W. The "metal" glass is part of a set (below) from Annilee T. Remember those? And the utensils are part of a set from Terri C.

The rest of the set from Terri C includes more wood utensils (from MiniEtchers), canisters, Kleenex box and cups 3D printed from MiniDecorandMore on Etsy.

Cute cat items, sculpture/clock, apron, towels from Cyndi M. Meow!  (I think the girl artist in my Fairfield is claiming the cat for her bedroom wall!) The mat makes a good floor mat in front of the kitchen stove, too. 

And the fruit bowl (remember when plastic/wax fruit was the thing to display?) is from Sydney. The pretty bread box and bread board is from Karen Crawford at MiniEtchers

Cute animal and shaped clocks from Helen S.

Nice plates, vases and love that little wall owl from Sharon J. She said she made a mold from an earring.

The fun mini canisters, book, and Western art from Ruth G. (Dog art from Terezinha.) I put the Western art on the wall in my Fairfield attic. The others will fit perfect in an antique shop idea, I think.

Really like the sheen on this gold carpet. And wow, teensy tiny ducks! from Emily B.

Pretty cool '50s flavored end table from Glenda. Now I'll have to make an ugly "ceramic" ash tray and a cig with smoke! 

I got a big kick out of this Lava lamp from Adrian C. It's larger in size, but too cool not to use somewhere; maybe in that '60s-'70s bedroom, or an antiques shop... The neat thing is she also used a color-changing LED in it. So fun! 


So, that's it. Smaller than usual (no pun intended), but still lots of fun.
Come back soon for more pix. Hopefully I'll have some more Fairfield rooms photos up and the shows will be taking place at the end of April. Then... deciding on my next project! Maybe... I'm thinking of the Park Ave. Mansion though it's a lot of painting! That's at least another year-long+ project!
Thanks for visiting!