April 15, 2020

#A to Z Blogging: M for Half-Scale Miniatures Swap

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I've been participating in this annual swap from the Half Scale Miniatures group (formerly on Yahoo and now on Groups.io) for years. It's always been great as people are so creative!

While the swap has gotten smaller over time, I think one year the swap was in the 60s but was only 28 this year, that's okay. I wouldn't think of missing it as then I'd be mad I didn't get in on the goodies!

I've used a lot of the things in my dollhouses, and am always happy to get things I normally would never make myself. And there are usually some creative ways to make things I wouldn't have thought of! 

Here are last year's swap items. I made the bunny in the pot. All cool stuff (the theme I think was toys and garden, but you can make what you want.) I was tickled to death with the Raggedy Ann and Mr. Potato Head (so tiny!) and both favorites, but love it all.

You can see some of the items in my Half Scale Country House photos, see website page.  (Example of a few: Kitchen: crock pot, cakes, mixer, cookie tray. Living Room: purple flowers. Bedroom: rag dog.)

In years past, I've made food plates, framed pictures, round printed rugs and art, etc.  This year I made game board sets, plus printie coloring pages and a "pack" of colored pencils, plus a loose pencil. Yeah, tedious cutting out all the little pieces of money, gluing them, and then touching up the edges with a marker to match the color. Others made better pencils and brushes, which I have to look at better for size to see what they used. But overall I was happy with how the finished pieces came out.

Here are some of the things I got this year: Fantastic, aren't they?! That's why I try to never miss this swap and it's the only one I do these days. It's always fun to get.

So many mats! I'm going to have to make a work desk and a crafts desk.

The round glass item is a cute terrarium. The colored item is a poured item. Pretty lamps, too!

Fun having all the little craft items!

Perfect for my sewing room, too!