April 16, 2020

#A to Z Blogging: Nothing but One-Inch-Scale Dollhouse Kits

Pictured: Cabin, Nstrworks

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Today is N and O.

If you are looking for a different kind of dollhouse kit, there are plenty of choices out there. Thought I'd search out some unique models that caught my eye from around the world and often with reasonable or free shipping. They're all worth taking a peek at. 

Cabin, Nstrworks - (photo above) Unusual shape, $96 on Etsy

Central Perk Lego Set - Build a miniature model of the Friends coffee shop with Legos.

French style dollhouse - pretty cool, lots of rooms, on Etsy. $498

Hawaii Kit - This is one of the "million parts" dollhouse kits from China, but the design on this is mesmerizing. (Find it on Ebay, Wish, etc.) $28 and up.

Japanese Dollhouse Kit -Three rooms, $160, $20 shipping from Japan.

Modern Townhouse -Another China-made kit. First time I saw this model. Neat looking, though one review said it has poorly translated English instructions, but it has  a YouTube video. But this is a cool-looking design. 1/24th scale. $44 (From what I've seen from another kit, the refrigerator in this is smaller than half scale.) But if you like lots to work on, these kits can be a fun challenge.

MoMa Rowhouse - Interesting design but pricey. $405

Park Place Townhouses - Love this! Townhouses (each sold separately) in 1" scale. What a neat idea! $150, free shipping. 14"W x 32"H x 18.5"D. This would be cool in half scale! (Shop has pretty, unique wallpapers, too.)

Nikolas Malengos - interesting dollhouse kits from Greece on Etsy. Reasonable and free shipping. Here's a modern kit, $48. 

** And in passing, a couple half-scale houses I spotted:

Victorian Gothic Mansion - Nice details, but not sure on size though they "guess" it's 1/24th. I'd ask for more information on dimensions, and door/window sizes. $127, free shipping

Victorian Gothic House - Love the details on this house.  Half Scale, $199, free shipping