April 08, 2020

#A to Z Blogging: G for #Miniature Gardening

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One of my favorite projects was working on my half scale dollhouse and adding a small potting shed on the side of the building. (The bench is from Sdk Miniatures; the boots are Polly Pocket boots! The cabinet is my design.)

I just found a glass case at the thrift store that I'm thinking of making a 1" scale potting shed in as I don't have a larger one. 

I really love miniature plants so I guess I'll make a setting. I'll be making the furniture myself and am thinking of sharing the how to's in the updated version of In Miniature Style II.  (The link is for the old version, I have print copies only. The new version will likely be a combination of some of the projects from books 1 and 2, plus new projects, tentative title, The Best of In Miniature Style.) Stay tuned for details!  * If you sign up for email updates in the left column of this blog, you'll get blog updates as I post here.  I appreciate your interest!

In the meantime, here are some free vintage veggie packages for your own potting shed! Here's a large one to use as posters and a small one - simply cut out and glue to a piece of folded paper with an envelope-like flap cut out on top.

Other freebies:

* Cute original design seed packets. There's also a folding pattern to show the shape for making other packets.

* 1 inch seed packets at PrintMini.com -Half-inch and 1/4" packets

* Free printie plant leaves

* Pretty free flower images for wall art from Graphics Fairy - full selection of flower images