April 03, 2020

#A to Z Blogging: C for Miniature Cabinet Dollhouse

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Today I have a special treat. If you're not friends on Facebook, then you've missed the progress as Georgia miniaturist JP Sligh transformed a family heirloom into an amazing miniature project.

 He said the former china cabinet, which had been in the family for years, had also been stored away in the attic for quite a while. While it needed a bit of repairing, Sligh could already see the potential.

"Because it had solid side walls and not the usual glass, I really liked the idea of using it as I could have exterior scenes on the sides with windows and light," he explained.

He wasn't quite sure of the age though his ideas ended up fitting well into the cabinet's time frame. The cabinet is fitted with individual room boxes made by his brother, Chuck.

"I had always assumed it was circa 1930's however recently having it repaired and French polished, the furniture restorer told me it is older and more like 1905 due to the use of old hand blown glass, " he said. "What I have really enjoyed is studying houses of this period and also life during the early 1900's. They have just had a telephone installed and electric lights as well as a new bathroom."

The results are a real life mansion, but in miniature in the spirit of 17th century cabinet houses like the Petronella Oortman cabinet house at the Riksmuseum in The Netherlands.

Sligh made many of the items himself, re-purposed and used many antique pieces, and also sourced items from top miniaturists. He also has done several other interesting miniature projects like a scene in an old clock case and Marie Antoinette walking to the guillotine.

He also designs needlepoint and stitched many of his own designs for the house like this adapted design on 24 count congress cloth. The pattern is painted on the fabric for stitching.

See the video of the cabinet house construction progress, and the decorated rooms and furnishings. It's worth a look! 

Love  the detail in this attic of the cabinet. More items were added since this photo.

The foyer with a burl wood, ormulu chest with a marble top.