April 22, 2020

#A to Z Blogging: S for Miniature Country Farmhouse Style Rooms

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Today it's a treat to feature someone's work I've been admiring for some time on Facebook.

Tanya Thayer McKibben is one of those creative miniaturists who seems to be able to figure out how to make all kinds of things, many of them simply from things she has on hand.

Her latest project is a series of rooms inspired by the real-life country farmhouse style that are just about as real-looking as it gets. She has a real eye for decorating, too, as seen in this bedroom photo. Remember that commercial? Is it real or??? 

Peeking in the door, you would swear you're looking at a photo in a catalog. That's when miniatures are at their best. 

Here are some other views: 

 ** Isn't this great?? See more of her fantastic work and views of these rooms on her Pinterest page.