April 14, 2020

#A to Z Blogging: L for #Miniature Lady's Shop Shelves

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Today I'll share the progress on the Lady's Shop shelves I've been working on. It may even be done by this posting. 😉

The shelving unit is a kit I had made at MiniEtchers. I painted it and papered the insides with scrapbook paper. I added the wood trim on top and glued it around a strip of the paper's design. I made the flowers from a Bonnie Lavish roses kit. (The azaleas here at Dragonfly look similar and would be nice, too.)  Here's the progress so far:

I cut a piece of black-white check floor for inside the cabinet and it'll look great! The walls will be a tan, light print wallpaper.

Getting there!

The shelves are going to be set in an old jewelry box I had since it's the perfect size. I would have preferred one door, but this'll work for now. 

The box does look much better once it's painted, though I hate painting! It's taking a couple coats. The windows will be a clear plastic and the inside will also be papered. I'll put a fake floor made from a piece of mat board on top of the side supports above the drawer.

If I don't finish by the time this posts, I'll be posting more updates later.