April 11, 2020

#A to Z Blogging: Just My #Miniature Kitchen

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Combined post for J and K.

* In progress: still working on this... I'll add more photos later once I fill this more or if I get more done...  (Click images for full size. For a small project, it does take a lot of things to fill it, but I really have enjoyed planning this out!

** For a laugh - don't hire an inexperienced plumber. haa! Look at the mess while putting in that sink drain pipe! 

So far: wall tiles are in, as is the top shelf and wall art, plus side shelf and decorations. Here are things put in temporarily and not glued yet. See the top beams? I"ll put another side counter piece and a stool in as well, plus put groceries in the cabinet. Several things to add still! Oh, and the oven is empty yet, have to cook dinner! ha!

The beginning: 

The sink, shelves, counter and cabinet are handmade to fit in the space. 

The filled fridge. This was fun!

I've wanted to do a miniature kitchen for a while. I had planned at one point to make a full diner, I still have the American Girl miniature diner set pieces put away (remember that?) I may do a full diner and another larger kitchen simply because the small groceries and miniature food are the most fun.

Whipped cream can by me.

I found this small room scene at Goodwill. It was one of those Chinese-made dioramas with a train theme in it. Of course I bought it because it has a glass front and I loved the ceiling beams. I knew it would make a great kitchen scene. Unfortunately, the resin items and rocks they had in here were glued in pretty well so it it took quite a bit of hammering, digging and the like to finally get the stuff out.

I added a wood floor and painted the ceiling and walls with sand paint (sand mixed in acrylic paint.) I wanted to use things I had on hand, so I used this vintage stove and refrigerator. The stove originally was dark brown and the knobs were missing. I primed the stove with Multi-surface white acrylic paint, then gave it several coats of an ivory paint that I tinted slightly with tan to come close to the fridge color.

*** Out of sight, out of mind. Only just remembered that I had a small container of groceries that I got eons ago from another swap. Yay, found it! Lots of goodies and some more in the box that I didn't take photos of! This will be mostly added into the kitchen also. Oh fun, and there's some bleach and oil bottles and cans, too! Plus a couple paper bags to fill with the weekly shopping. (Sorry, no eggs or TP. haa! Which by now should all be sorted out!)


The stove had pegs to hold the knobs, which were missing. I found some slightly larger black beads that fit over the pegs perfectly and added 1/8" circles that I had painted silver and punched out from the card dividers in a tea bag box. The box itself also is a good lightweight card to use in projects. 

The square sink, counters and shelves, along with the wall tiles, are all hand-made. I'll be including directions for that when I update my miniatures book,  In Miniature Style II.  (Sign up for blog updates and news in the left column of this blog.)

The best part of this kind of project, of course, is filling the shelves and the fridge! I'll probably get a few more kitchen supplies and cleaners when I go to the dollhouse shows, which have been postponed to August. I hope as I know we'll all be stir-crazy by then!