April 18, 2020

#A to Z Blogging - P for #Dollhouse Show Plans!

(illustration: pixabay.com)

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* Because of the coronavirus outbreak what would've been my annual trek with my good friend Gigi to the Chicago Area dollhouse shows has been postponed to August. But I'm going to leave this post as is. I'll be sharing what I bought and show pictures later. (I hope.)

We did plan on making all 3 shows this time as I have some things that I hope to pre-order and pick up from one of the vendors. I'll be sure to show my finds when I get back and some pix of interesting things I saw. It's always fun to show off some of our discoveries! I'll have my eyes open to add more bottles and cleaning supplies for the small kitchen room box I've been working on. Hopefully I'll share the final project soon. Gotta get these UFO's done!!

Our stops include:

* The 3 Blind Mice Show, Now the April Chicago Show, Wyndham Garden Hotel, Schaumburg, IL.  (Postponed to Aug. 15)
    (The show has since been taken over by T&D Miniatures, which also runs the Waukesha Expo show (May 15-16). She also will be running what was the November Wee C Club show in Elk Grove Village, IL.) No May show.

I always find some nice bargains and something out of the ordinary. Last year I found the NAME window room kit that I made into my Raggedy Ann room. 

The year before I was lucky to win a door prize - the half scale house kit below, which I made into a small Halloween house (seen at right).

* The Miniature Show,  Crowne Plaza, Chicago O'Hare Hotel, Rosemont, IL. (No date yet for postponed show. This so far was cancelled.)

This show is interesting as you'll find some unique items, along with some high-end items that are more museum quality. Can't buy 'em, but they're neat to see anyways. 

Some vendors I hope to take a peek at are the new Halloween items from Cynthia Howe ;  (I have one of her beautiful hat kits which I confess I still have to make!);

 I love the flower and furniture kits, especially the Gothic items from SDK Miniatures; and ArtofMini from Germany has some different kits like cute suitcases and more. I got one of those last year so we'll see what else I find!)  

The Bishop Show, Chicago International, Marriott O'Hare, Chicago  (Postponed to Aug. 15-16)

I admit the last few years we've stuck with two shows as by the time you get here, you are worn out. Big show, I've attended in the past so many of the vendors are familiar. But it's nice when you discover someone new that you haven't seen in person before. (Last year I found Jane Harrop from the UK who has an incredible line of unique retro kits and in half scale too! Unfortunately, she's not coming to the shows this year. I still want to order a couple 1950s items like her TV and curio stand.)

This year, I've come across Seaside Miniatures, also of the UK, and hope to have things ordered ahead to pick up there.

 I have my eye on her cute kits for half scale, the beach house and the Shepherd's Hut, which I think would make a good Gypsy wagon. I liked this style better than the actual wagon as I like how the bed area is divided off. (Aren't they cute? Yeah like I don't have enough UFO kits? Never mind!) I think the hut would be a cute addition to add outside when I  - eventually - do my mermaid-sea captain's house and beach.

IDEA:  I saw some fantastic directions on the Michael's store page for a resin water plaque that looks really good. (Cool, isn't it?) I'd like to try this for the water for the beach house scene. So-many-plans-and-ideas. I'd need to live to 90 to do them all. ha!

I've also seen a couple neat sea theme houses set in those boat bookcases. I have a larger one I've been saving... and a mid-sized one. It's tempting to build my scenes in there and try this water effect on the bottom like it's on the beach. It's a thought... Eventually. We'll see...

 (Some of these may change as many people had to cancel from the Bishop show but I still wanted to share these neat items.)

I also want to check out the spooky items from Michael R Miniatures of the UK. He has some fun, creepy things. I'll want them all (but can't buy them all. ha!)  Love the faces on these bottles he has on Etsy. (As the UK Miniatura show was cancelled, he was doing an online show so I hope he'll still be making the trip to Chicago in August.)

Also of interest that I came across online and will be fun to see in person is Miniature Pop-up Books of Japan. These are really incredible tiny works of art in a book. And she has many in kit form on her Etsy page, too.