January 10, 2022

Working on #Halloween Half Scale VB #Dollhouse

The Parlor

 A few updates to show at least some progress is being made on the Van Buren (VB) Haunted Dollhouse! I was finishing up my annual  half scale group swap items in-between . (Yay, all done and mailed so I could get back to this!)

So, not too much new in this room yet, but I almost forgot I had this cute little fireplace I got at Michael's. The fun is the light dims and brightens. I liked this photo as it has a kind of deserted feel. (Click photos for full size. See archive in left column for previous posts. See other VB post from Nov.)

Otherwise, I'm at the hateful trimming stage, and it seems like while I've gotten some things done, it really does take a while.  Just hate the cutting, measuring, cutting again. ha! Not for the patient! 

The Dining Room?

Interesting thing about updates is it shows progress and the changed-my-mind-again  (and again!) moments. ha! Here's the dining room and hall at the left, first floor. I was going to put a wood floor in as a divider, but it seemed better to have one big room. I put a small piece of brick wall at the end there by the door and then the wood strip on the ceiling. I might put the other wood divider at the other end, but I kind of like the open concept. 

I may change my mind again as this big room may make a better parlor-sitting room, with the dining room instead going in the right side (parlor) room (shown above.) What do you think? I have some neat glow-in-the-dark light green cobweb trim that I'll put on the windows in the left side room. I did see it glow (but have to check again to be sure!) Stay tuned!

Second floor bedroom

The floor isn't glued in yet, but I did add in the partial ceiling trim. The bottom trim will be brown like the door trim.

Second floor hall-library

I got the French doors in, trimmed the stair opening and finished the stair trim. I decided I didn't like the open spindles so I did the same thing I did on my other haunted house - used cut wooden fan pieces to fill in the stair sides. I just like how these look so much better. 

I added a square dowel post in front and put a small skull bead on top. I keep looking at the bad wood spindles on the bottom floor stairs, so deciding whether to cover those with the fan pieces, too. We'll see. The stair opening also uses the wooden fan pieces set into railing moldings. Since the hall was darker than I thought once I added the left wall in, I'm going to put another bulb in the ceiling with a skull. Hey, why not?

Just finished trimming under the stair opening, too, and I have to check if I need to touch the whole thing up more with black paint.

I know, not too exciting, right? I have to finish trimming  -- then I can get some furniture out to see how it looks!  The fun part! But... I have to finish papering the attic first and (horrors!) I can't find a ceiling piece so may have to cut my own. Then the outside has to be brick-papered and all the window/door trim painted and added. Ugh. At least I really can see the progress on this. 

Something I forgot to show last time...

I thought these were kind of cool. Some kind of foam bulbs that look like pumpkin pots. They even had the tops already painted black! Found them at Target in the clearance-bargain section. Good planters, I figured.

That's it for the moment. Thanks for stopping by again! More updates soon!