November 29, 2021

#Halloween + Fairfield #Dollhouse Update

 A "little" progress on the half scale Halloween house I started -The Van Buren dollhouse from Greenleaf. (Stock photo from site.)

The frame is together, door and stair walls are papered/built (not shown). Here's the papers I have in so far. Also putting brick on the alcoves on third floor and news print style paper on the slanted walls. I use scrapbook papers mostly as they're heavier and offer good variety.  (Click photos for full size.)

The room on the right will be the sitting room. There'll be a stair wall going to the hole/stairwell above. The bottom brown part is box card painted lightly for a weathered old look. I'll put a rail above it.

The room above the sitting room on the second floor will be a library den. Yeah, I can't seem to get away from making a zillion tiny books. ha! But they look so cool when they're done! The paper (scrapbook paper) is cool as it has a kind of spooky skull and cat print.

At left is the dining area. I'm thinking of a kind of Miss Havisham spooky table. It may hold a compact kitchen/cooking area on the front brick wall. Have to see how it fits. The room above (not done) is a bedroom with gray wallpaper. 

Progress is ongoing.

And.... The Fairfield box (also half scale, 1/24th) has been opened. (Hey, that's a start!) And... oh, so many shingles and sheets. haa! (Run! You can turn back now!!)

Well, it gets to be a looooong winter with no outdoor work to do and not much to do inside, so a dollhouse project seems like a good idea. (Everyone to their corners. Let the fights begin! I am not kidding. haa!)

Here's the foundation floor. Hubby is still cutting out the foundation pieces, so he hasn't given up... yet. (Oh the horror of this already...) A TIP : To get the foundation to line up -and stay lined up - wedges of 1/2" square pieces of wood were glued in against the foundation pieces to act as braces on the underside.)

Well. Took all day as have to glue, let it set, wait... But.... so far, so good. The foundation so far:

One word of caution on these kits - sure laser cutting may prove to be a smoother-finish wood BUT it also is thinner, and cheaper. The Van Buren (laser cut) is 1/16" thick. The Fairfield (an older kit from 1979) is 1/8" wood, but this type of wood also splinters a lot. The VB does have some warping and the FF also is prone to warping but thicker wood is sturdier.  (Photo: VB on top compared to FF.)

Yeah, I know, sooo boring, unless you are building and/or curious about these kits. So fair warning given. Stay tuned for progress updates if we (hopefully) don't give up. 😉