November 20, 2022

Fairfield #Dollhouse Bedroom Reveal

 I don't know why I've put off showing this but...

I know, it's past Halloween, but not in the dollhouse! 😏 I've been working on small things and am now in the attic. Have to attach lights there so I can do the paper and floor... 

But... Ta-da! Something finished! The room is apart at the moment as I work on other things, but the light is in since these photos. (See last update. You can also search in the archives list in the left column.)

I love how this room has a kind of antique but comfortable feeling. I just love this room!

Here's a glimpse of the ceiling before I put the ceiling trim in. (Oh, what a job that was fitting it in!) I love the Victorian flavor of this pic, like an old manor house. The ceiling is that embossed scrapbook paper with some gold brushed on.

This is a different approach for me. I bought the handmade bed second-hand with some terrible fabric on it. It was so old that the foam underneath had crumbled. The forms are made of foam core. I glued on new foam and recovered the pieces. This time I decided to glue the top cover on each side without using any edge trim and folded the end of the bed cover. I wanted brighter colors to coordinate with the wallpaper but didn't want to use an actual Halloween print.

I repainted the 1930s Tootsietoy dresser with chalk paint topped with brown acrylic paint, and added gold to the accents. I glued on small beads that I also dotted with gold. (I use gold fabric paint.)

I found some wooden shapes at the dollar store and cut one in half for the front fireplace grate.

The small bookcase is from SDK Miniatures. I'm making a few more books and have to add some accessories yet. The chair by the door was from a set that I recovered with new fabric. I found the mirror some time back at Michael's.

 I added a few creepy touches with the framed photos. The rug was cut from that Day of the Dead fabric I bought. Thought it would make a perfect rug so I glued one of the faces to tea box card and then edged it with Bunka. I made the draped table, chair, and footstool but may switch those out later. I am thinking of putting some Christmas decorations in the house soon.

(Overhead shot while I could get it. The clock on the mantle and plant are from the Half Scale Group swap. I'm making books for the bookcase at the moment. Found some nice horror books with great graphic covers from Wowbooknook on Etsy. Nice books and they include 1/24 in the set.) I printed some slightly smaller (7/16" and 1/2" h) to fit in the small bookcase shelves.

I'm experimenting, so I also tried making a video to show the full room. (Here's the YouTube link also.)


So many odds and ends pieces I'm working on, but so many parts can't be added until something else is done first or to make sure I don't have to lay the house down again. The spiral staircase has to go in the second floor yet too. 

I'll have more rooms and additions to come so be sure to stop back.  You can sign up for headline updates in the box in the left column. You can also see more Fairfield photos in the archive listings there, too.

Halloween is never over...

Oh fun! I forgot that I had these little decorations and found a rubber ghost for the porch. He looks pretty cool lit up! The railings won't be put on until everything else is done as I already keep loosening the porch posts on second floor so I have to reglue those. 

Have to search in my stuff and see if I've got any Christmas things or trees that I can put over the lightbulbs...

Chris Verstraete

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