October 20, 2009

12 Days of Halloween in Miniature: Welcome!

My little witch bids everyone welcome! Please come in, hang up your witch hats, and be sure to check your potions at the door.

Today marks Day One of a 12 Day celebration of all things Halloween - and in miniature! How can you beat that?

Nothing evil, nothing too scary, I just want to offer my readers a glimpse of work by some amazing miniature artists and have some fun! So stick around and be sure to comment. For fun, I'll send one winner their very own eyeball salad for their dollhouse, so leave a comment and don't forget to note where to contact you (group, blog, email, website, etc.)

So, let's start the party!

First off --- no party is complete without food! I suggest a glass of my very own Golden Eye wine. Careful now, sip it slowly. I hear it has quite a kick! (Fyi: this is 1" scale so 1" = 1 foot. The bottle is about 1-inch tall.)

* See other samples of my food at the Verstraete Miniatures Gallery/Halloween food

Now for the main course. Mmm, who can resist spaghetti and eyeballs? My favorite!

The "Spaghetti Alla Eyes" is by Stephanie Kilgast, who sells her great miniature food under the name PetitPlat on Etsy. See some of her work at her blog.

Now for a close-up: Here's looking at you, kid! (ha-ha-ha!)

** Yum. Enjoy some other Halloween recipes like these Brittle bones. Yum!

The party is just getting started so kick back, relax, and mingle. Have fun!

Come back tomorrow for more Halloween food.

On Day 2, let's dig into Fern's great Halloween party treats. No trick! Boo!


  1. That Spaghetti with Eyeballs is just too funny!

  2. Fantastic food-It looks positively eye-catching

    Margaret at biblelover@telus.net

  3. The spaghetti and eyeballs look really yummy I just went and look at the rest of your food/ plant gallery . Wonderful job . You also had an eyeball chair execellent !

  4. What a great idea! The wine is also fantastic. :)

  5. I love that table with all the ghoulishly wonderful food!


  6. Cute! Petitplat does wonderful food, I hope you let her know about your blog post. :)


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