December 27, 2022

End of Year 2022 #Miniatures Recap


It's the end of the year.... already? Where did it go? At this time of year, I like to look back and see what I've accomplished, especially when it seems like I am working on things soooo slowly. 😊

So here's a self-indulgent look back on the projects I worked on over the past year. Besides, it's kind of fun to take another peek, isn't it?  (click photos for full size and to see more photos. ) I'm not including every post, so feel free to check the archives list in the left column for other projects and posts.


I was working on the half-scale Greenleaf Van Buren house. I did get this Miss Havisham-style table done (well, I still have to put out the silverware!). I hate to admit that the house is still sitting there haunted, but empty. I've fallen in love with the brick look without the labor by using the brick printed on textured papers from Starboc2 on Etsy. See post.

I also made a bunch of spooky and eerie pictures; here are just a small selection of them. I used a few in the Fairfield bedroom. That large gold frame is probably going in the Fairfield parlor. My favorite may be the Medusa. Now that I think of it, that may go in the girl's bedroom, above the fireplace. I am working on the bed now, so hope to get further on that room next.


I added in a magazine display and more newspapers in the Tudor Tea Shoppe. I also added a few more images with the Queen and Prince Philip. I have a few other items I want to add in a small glass case as a kind of memorial scene.


Besides still working on the Van Buren, I got hooked on those Mini Toy balls, so I added some items and changed the would-be bookstore into a Haunted Toy Shop. Well, not all haunted, but some fun stuff like the tiny Disney princess dolls, and more. My Mini Living Dead doll loves shopping here! As I was still working on this, here's another post in April. That includes the new British tea set I'd bought for the Tudor Tea Shoppe.


The very beginning - I had some progress working on the half-scale Greenleaf Fairfield, but it was also show time. I shared some of my finds at the late April shows, plus my photos of the incredible Frasier show display and a record store by "The Bearded Miniaturist" at the Spring Miniature Show. This was a real treat to see. Such great details.


Still working on the Fairfield, but lights are going in. I do love the wallpaper and the look of the first floor parlor and dining room. I can't wait to take photos once it's all decorated. (Working on the attic yet and - grr! Shingling!)


Rinse. Repeat: still working on the Fairfield. It's fun looking at these photos as I never really thought I'd get this far. At first, I literally opened the box three times before I finally started it. This was a hard house to work on. (And am still at it!) Lots of trimming and figuring things out. It looks so different now! (This is a later photo with some of the trim on.)

Sept. - October:

Lots going on in October! Participated for the first time in a Halloween swap with the Half Scale Minis group on Facebook. Really fun!

Also held a shortened version of the annual Halloween in Miniature, focusing on some past favorites. See first post.


Wow, time flies! Well, in my case, I've been working on the Fairfield dollhouse for....months and months! ha!! But here are photos of the first room, the bedroom, all set up. Plus a video! Check in the archives list in the left column for other past posts. Here's the second bedroom almost done.


Happy Birthday to me! Took some of my miniatures to display with a friend at a local museum. See some of our work at the post link.

As of this writing, still working on the Fairfield, of course! haa! Hope you're not tired of it. There's lots to go yet! Shingling the roof, planning the inside. Have lots of kits to make and - the best part - figuring out the interior! The spiral staircase also has been done (have to glue on handrail thread and glue it in once the house doesn't have to be turned over or put on its side again. Have to get the bathroom fixtures in on that second floor also.

Thank you for visiting here all year; I really appreciate it! A new big project will be coming soon, along with more Fairfield updates.

Deciding on other writing projects, too. Yes, I still write between doing minis. 😉 Check the website for updates. 

The best in the New Year! May your mini dreams all come true. Come back soon for more projects and updates!