December 07, 2022

Happy Birthday & Miniatures Displays

 Happy Birthday to Me!!

While I'm out, I thought I'd show a few of the miniature displays fellow miniaturist Peg and I shared at the museum in Kenosha, WI. I thought there'd be more to take photos of but we were up on the second floor and there actually was a pretty constant crowd flow to keep us busy.

(Click photos for full size.)

A favorite of mine: The Ladies' Shoppe in an old jewelry box. Everyone seemed to like this one, too.

Peg's crowd favorite: A Harry Potter style room made in a class with Rik Pierce. She added a Prof. Snapes figure she found.

Another one I like is my half scale Mary Engelbreit-inspired porch. I loved all the colors on this. I hand-painted the flowers on the door. The shutters are made from those vintage wood fans.

Peg's half scale Tudor cottage bedroom. The house actually comes apart by floor and has a cool loom on the first floor (which I failed to get a photo of.)

People also liked my apothecary scene in a book box which was inspired by the art on the opposite side. 

Another favorite was this cottage Peg built in another Rik Pierce class. She plans to make it into a dollmaker's cottage and has all kinds of cute teensy dolls saved. She has to finish this so we can all see the results! (hint-hint!)

That's it for the moment. 

More progress on the Fairfield: Got the inner attic papers in and started the worst part - well, maybe the worst besides all the trim - the roof shingles! Figured out the bathroom space, too, but lots of things can't be glued in until that side of the roof is shingled and painted first as otherwise it's unreachable because of the tower. Figuring it out as I go along. More photos coming soon! (See previous photos in archives listed in left column.)

Chris Verstraete  

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