December 29, 2022

Thirsty? Hungry? #Miniature Food and Coffee

 Just wanted to share some of the different miniatures I got for Christmas. These were a fun, complete surprise as they came from my writing and non-miniaturist friend, Jean. (And btw, if you read, she has a fantastic set of books, The Sheriff Piper Blackwell mysteries by USA Today Bestselling Author Jean Rabe, set in Santa Claus, Ind. Check out the cool covers and more details at the link above.)

Love these bottles! The coffee bottles are, dare I say it, so cute! The bottles are about 1" tall.

The drink cups above are fun as they'll fit in the coffee shop I'd planned some time ago in  a travel trailer. They're not exactly 1" scale but are too cute not to use. In stores, I'm not a stickler on exact size. When you mix things together and put them on shelves, it usually works.

 Or I may include these in the other idea, a Witch's Bakery I'd been saving things for. That'll be in the last building I have (the one window store) of the Houseworks' Street of Shops. I made a Witch's Greenhouse (wow, back in 2010) previously using the same kit. Yeah, I've been collecting and working in miniature even longer than that! I have a lot of projects! haa! 😁 (See more photos: 2, 3

 I recently made the record store and a Halloween store in the other two shops of the set, along with a teapot shop from the first set (same double window shop as the Halloween store.) It may seem like a lot of ideas, but as I'm running out of display space, I'll only be doing a few more 1 inch scale projects, mostly shops since they fit on bookshelves. The rest are half scale since they're smaller in size (except for my giant Victorian dollhouse. Look in the 2021 archive in left column beginning in May for more photos.)  I buy these shop kits when I see them on sale, and glad I did as prices sure have gone up! 

Here are some of the bakery goods and food plates. I have a ton of handmade polymer clay cakes by my friend Kitty set aside also so these will be nice fill-ins on the shelves. These are plastic but I can also touch them up with paint if needed. Love the hot dog, hamburger and sandwich for on a table!

These are cute little desserts.

She also sent several House of Miniatures kits. Here's the bigger one, which, for a change from the usual stained furniture, I think would look good painted for the bakery. Hoping it fits as I have a showcase to put in too, otherwise I can use it as a display in a small scene. I've saved several of these kits over the years when I find them, but I never saw this one. 

I hadn't wanted to build the last shop so soon, (they can be difficult to assemble) but this is tempting. But still working on the Fairfield and hoping my other project is coming, so we'll see. Sometimes it takes months to get to a project, or I've been saving things for years!

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