June 26, 2021

More #HalfScale #Miniatures in the #dollhouse

 A favorite flower, also in real life: 

Know what it is???

Moving along on the decorating of the Victorian-flavored dollhouse, if not at a snail's pace. ha! But...I am making progress! (Scroll down for other posts or look in archives at left. Click photos for full size.)

So... What's new?

Putting in some other furnishings which have to be filled or decorated themselves, too! Excuse these photos, not the best, I'll try to get some other close-ups later... 

Kitchen hutch and table, set for a lunch.


The Attic: 

I think this might be my favorite room... well, one of them. ha!

The fun is putting all kinds of stuff in the attic. It'll be way more packed than this... like real life! haaa! I have to add more boxes, suitcases, those stacks of saved papers and magazines, the old furniture, I have an old wringer-washer that can go in here, too, and who knows what else... I'mstill thinking of making a roombox in this and 1" scale that's just an attic. Great place to store things instead of in drawers or boxes!

 The Deck:

I love having something different like this deck next to the girl's bedroom! I found the perfect pieces. The table was a kit in one of those small Chinese-made kits. I saw these folded paper pieces for scrapbooking in Hobby Lobby that I knew would be perfect for the umbrella. All I had to do was take the sticky pad off and there was a small hole underneath. I sharpened the end of the stick slightly and widened the hole a little so it would fit. 

(Here's the full deck before I got the fences and windowboxes in.) I'm also glad I found those metal chairs in my stash as they fit perfectly. 

I'm also thinking of getting a set of  1/24 scale tiki cups to put on the table. (Aren't these cute? see photo on Etsy. From Stewart Dollhouse.) 

I also added a wreath on the door, a floor mat and love how the fuchsia turned out! (The fuchsia was a Bonnie Lavish kit, (Dragonfly has a nice selection of her kits including a fuchsia), which I really liked doing. I want to get another one in the purple color.).

I'm working on more flowers for the front and the deck now, so hopefully I'll have some more to share soon.

More to come! See you next time!