June 14, 2021

Moving in & Latest! #dollhouse #miniatures


Wow, I last posted in May? Has it really been that long???

Well, it's been HOT and been busy with other stuff, but I have been working on things behind the scenes.... As the photo shows, IT'S MOVING IN DAY!

To be truthful, let's call it Moving In Weeks! It's going to take me a while as yes, there is a TON more stuff than this to move in! Then there are the decorating decisions, where to place furniture, pictures to hang, accessories, etc. etc. It will be a while.

Another thing I did, not shown, is add the fencing and flowers boxes around the top deck balcony, which did finish it off. I'll take pix of that later when it's decorated.

In the meantime, here are a few of the latest things I finished recently: (click photos for full size)

Dressers for the main bedroom. Realized I had two of these so why not a his and hers?

I had to add a painted top to the men's version. Found all kinds of little tidbits to put on top - even a tiny comb! You can't see it as well but there's also a watch. It's 1" scale (from Lisa's Little Things) but it was too cute not to add! The gold case is also from a set I bought from her before she shut her business down. Too bad as she had some great stuff.

The fun part of the lady's dresser is I cut some lace to put in the top drawer. The piece on the right looked just like a lace collar once I cut it! I lightly glued the other drawers in as I always seem to lose these. I also found those teensy hairpins in my stash and that nurse's cap. I have a great-aunt by marriage who was a nurse during WWI, so I'll have to shrink her photo down to put in the room.

The Bed: I love this bed! I simply couldn't leave it plain wood, not with all those shapes on it! So I cut out pieces of scrapbook paper and painted the shapes gold. The fun is dressing it and adding all those pillows. A couple (the front pink ones) are from one of the past Half Scale Group swaps. The floral cover is the same fabric as the curtains in the room. (Look in the archives, mostly in March '20, at left column for other posts on this house.)

Kitchen: I also have been working on the kitchen. The sink is part of a set from sdk miniatures. I cut the pieces apart to fit my kitchen but I didn't like the stove image so using an older stove. The lady of the house simply doesn't want to give up her trusty older stove! (If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?)

I also switched out the teensy faucet set for a more realistic tall faucet and sprayer I luckily had bought before from MiniEtchers. Just had to round it off a bit and paint it silver. I also painted a marble-type design on top with mostly red and some gold. 

Den: Love how the bookcase and window seat came out. I'll have a basket of maps and a few other things for the top. Also adding some art and.... debated on this, I have a couple animal heads (tiny plastic animals) for the walls. Hate to do this, but it just fits the room. Found the animal print rugs on eBay.

Bookcase: Decided to add a few other things in. Put some postcards in a bowl next to the camera. The table will go in the hall. (The photo is my dad and a friend years ago.) The carved roadrunner is also from a past swap.

That's it for now. More to come so be sure to stop by again!