December 21, 2022

Before Christmas.... #Fairfield #Miniatures Update


(Partial photo of roombox decorated for Christmas. I love adding the vintage dolls!)

Hard to believe Christmas is around the corner, though the older you get, it just doesn't seem like it!

In the meantime.... was without internet for two days (two looong days ha!) and they fixed a cable at the pole, so hopefully that fixes it. What else? It's been a brutal year for transformers... Burned out another one! Well, a cheapie one that apparently wasn't enough amps so I have another one hooked up to the Fairfield now and we ordered a couple larger ones (6 amps) on ebay. We pick up 12 volt transformers whenever we see them or wire them from something else as the specific dollhouse transformers are pretty costly now. 

Fairfield Progress:

Yes, there is some! (See last post.) Got the bedroom furniture all built, the room is papered, and that side of the roof is glued on, plus the door/fake wall is in.  I goofed on that lamp (didn't leave a long enough wire) so it has to be on the floor. I say to shine light while the boy is working puzzles or playing a game or something. I goof a lot lately. I redid the dresser drawer knobs (pins and seed beads) as I realized I'd only put one bead like the other pieces, but it makes more sense (and looks better) with two. All fixable at least! 

Right now, I'm adding the little accessories like books, toys, wall art, game boxes, etc.  I'll add some fake shirts in that top dresser drawer, too, and adding more stuff on the desk and bookcase. Added a couple other lights that I have to glue along the wall, then I'll finish the two attic section pieces of floor on the other side and build the small bath enclosure. 

Hard to believe I'm this far! (Yeah there is a lot to be done yet. I have to glue in the brick piece in that open area above the door. I have some space art for that back wall, too. Next time, the stained glass windows will be glued in. I promise!) 

 Finishing painting the roof side and luckily I found a close enough if not the same color since I'm running low. I did start with stain and then some black, but I didn't like how it looked, so I decided to paint it with the window color (Rookwood Red from Americana and then Spiced Berry, multi-surface from Apple Barrel.) Then I have to finish shingling the other two roof pieces. Ignore the ugly unfinished parts. 

Forgot to show this before: I found this beaded chain at Goodwill. Bought it to cut off the tiny Christmas figures for decorations! Why else do you buy this kind of stuff, right? 😏 Funny, as I still haven't added any Christmas stuff in the house since it's not finished! And the mini decorating is always fun! I will try to do that as there's a big storm coming this weekend and hopefully we won't lose electric!

I'll have an end of year wrap-up soon, but before that be sure to come back here on Christmas Eve for the first part of the annual miniatures Christmas story!  Thanks again for visiting and come back soon!