May 03, 2022

More finds at the #Dollhouse #Miniatures Shows


Ron Chase, D-Tales Miniatures clock, shelf

Fun once again to be out and seeing stuff. Nice to say hi to a few people as well! 

* Check out the cool show displays too  - Frasier Show in Miniature!

Some things I found: 

* I've fallen in love with the filigree work by Ron Chase of D-Tales Miniatures. I have this wonderful shelving unit by him in my big HS dollhouse that I luckily got in a previous HS group swap. I also have another clock and radio. So I had to get this small wall shelf and clock this year. (See top photo) And he kindly made some dish drainers for me. More photos of that to come when I get another one done. I got the first one in the kitchen cabinet kit I bought from him at the last show. 

I buy mostly half scale kits these days as I have plenty of 1" scale furniture and I do half scale mostly now (running out of room!) Any 1"scale things I do if I get in the mood will mostly be vignettes or small settings in book boxes or jewelry boxes that I find at Goodwill. But I do have a roombox set aside that will be a fancy library at some point since I have furnishings saved for that. There is another roombox that was once a bar that I might refashion into... something.... at some point.

* Neat resin decorative carved/castings from All Dolled Up TDS. She does some nice fireplaces and furnishings, too. I plan on using some of these to dress up the fireplace fronts in the Half Scale Fairfield.  The bottom left pieces also have faces on them which should look cool once painted. The right side package was a gift since it was broken.

* I thought this wall panel would look good above a fireplace instead of the usual art or a mirror.

* I wanted to see CastleCrafts (South Africa and NY) at the Bishop Show since it was their first time in this area. I had some accessory kits in mind, not realizing they had 1:24 - half scale, so I naturally honed in on that instead as they had some unique styles. They had a nice chaise lounge and a clock that I'll have to pick up at a later date, I think.

Teresa's Miniature Creations has some really nice 1/24-half scale furniture kits. I have her library table in my den in the big HS house and I think I have a side table set aside yet. I like finding more unusual pieces and fell in love with this old-fashioned stove. I have some "magnet" stoves, but this looked pretty authentic painted white and it's a bit different in style. I wasn't sure what style the Fairfield kitchen should be, but as I'm using a vintage-looking "tile" floor, this will fit well. Photos will be coming of the papering so far. I like the colors I'm choosing though the rooms may be somewhat "normal" in style but the furnishings will be spooky. I do plan on making the outside more aged, though.

Unfortunately, she was out of the vintage sink kit (which is just like the real-life sink that was in the first floor apartment in the two-flat I grew up at in Chicago), so I plan on designing one myself.  Pretty intrigued by this challenge! She used earring backs as faucets so will have to figure how those will look. I have a vintage Tootsietoy monitor top metal fridge I've been hanging onto for years for the right project, too.

Some Ideas:

* Otterine has the larger sink and fridge in her 1" scale 1920s kitchen on her blog, so I'll be looking for some inspiration! Here's a real-life vintage sink at Old House Journal. Btw, in real life these old cast-iron sinks are going for big $$ on ebay - $650 to $4,000!

* Here's what they call a "farmhouse sink" on legs. Looking at this. The real-life one I used had steel legs with a drain board on left and a large sink on middle/right.

* Saw a perfect sink at this Instagram post

Odds and Ends:

Couldn't resist this tiny dinosaur toy and the baby. Plus these miniscule alcohol bottles!

Just because: 

Even tinier jars and a bottle for the FF kitchen. Yes, the lids come off the jars!

Bargain of the day:

Cool printed vintage-looking rugs for $1!

More to come once I make some progress with the FF /Fairfield. (Putting trim and ceiling in parlor; just cut the dining room floor. Those rooms are a neat black/white theme. Have to trim that room too.) 

I have to try to get some things done as garden planting time and cleaning up outside is coming soon!  We get our plants at the sale Friday. Already! But we usually can't plant for a few days with rainy weather... we'll see. 

I do have to plant my Morning Glory seeds and get my sunflower seeds in. But I'll still be working on things once summer is here, too. I like to sit on the deck and work on stuff out there once it's warm.

Here are a couple of the real-life flowers from a previous year:

Thanks again for visiting! Until next time!