October 15, 2023

Halloween in Miniature 23-1 Party!


Appetizers by me. Head cheese anyone? (Groan)

Welcome to this year's annual Halloween in Miniature! You can see past years' posts on the top tab. (Click photos for full size; see other posts in left column archives.)

This year, I'm doing something different by posting on Instagram and here, according to the day's themes. The difference is there'll be at least a couple more photos included on this blog. Be sure to friend me there (cwrite12), play along and share the list!!

Here's the theme schedule: Post your minis based on the day's themes and tag me and the post theme - @halloweenmini (See this blog's post schedule at end.)

Now some of the pictures may be familiar to regular blog visitors, but I'll try to mix them up and add new photos also!

Today's Theme: Something Spooky!

 My eternal hostess, Matilda, scoffs at such a label. "Spooky? What do you mean, spooky? Why, that is just how things are!"
She tends to be slightly cranky, so ignore her....

Spooky? You decide what that means!

Here's one of my past "Haunted Houses," which I keep up all year. It's papered inside but I don't decorate it. I only put some flashing strings of LED lights in it for atmosphere...

Don't forget to get some of the house wine. 

Watch out, I hear it's got quite a kick! haa!

Oops, wait a minute! Matilda!  Did you show our guests where the food is? And where are the snacks? We can't have everyone getting too tipsy! Don't worry about the skellies. They'll be fine. It all just goes right through them anyway. haaa!


Ah, yes, some Eyeball pizza or the toe-chiladas (or is that fingers?) should do it. Don't forget the chips and dip! (From my collection.)

Come back tomorrow for more Halloween minis!


💀 Blog Post Schedule: 💀

* Next Day 2 - Oct 16: Witch Way (Posts are live the day of.) 

3 - Oct 17: Eerie  * 4 - Oct 18: Halloween Munchies

 * 5 -  Oct 19: Pumpkins  * 6 - Oct 20: Ghosts & Goblins

* 7 - Oct 21: Trick or Treat

Week 2:

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* Day 8 - Oct 23:  Boo!      

  * 9 - Oct 24: Orange

* 10 -  Oct 25: Skellies!   *11 - Oct 26:  Bloody Red!

* 12 - Oct 27:  Eye C U!     * 13 - Oct 28-29: Monster Mash - the party!

* 14 - Oct 30: Tour the Witch Cottage!

* 15 - Oct 31: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!