January 05, 2009

Eye Candy: Miniature Chocolates Part 2

Chocolate Dreams

My friend Kitty has been busy as a little bee making more chocolates.

This is one of those projects you can't help but look at again and again. One way to cure chocolate cravings?

She made all the chocolates and cakes from polymer clay. Look good enough to eat!

(See part 1 of the Chocolate Shoppe here.)

The fantastic furniture kits are from Lisa's Little Things, an addiction for sure!


  1. Oooh, oooh! Mouth-watering chocolates. Can you send me some? LOL

  2. Great, and now I'm hungry... Love these, even if they aren't non-toxic!

  3. They do look yummy! Too bad they're not real.

  4. Hi Chris, you've got a blog award (again)! You can pick it up from my blog: http://blog.TreeFeathers.com

  5. Hi Christine,

    I love miniatures, polymer clay and other beading, writing and your blog site. I see so much creativity here. Too much too take in during one visit. I will have to return soon.


  6. yes I love the chocolates too (also in real life.ha!) Miniatures are safer!

    Lael, glad you stopped by. Be sure to come back.

    Treefeathers - thank you! I'll be sure to stop by.


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