December 30, 2008

Eye Candy: Miniature Chocolate Shoppe

Nothing beats chocolate. It's been called the food of the gods and better than... well, better than anything.

Agreed. I love chocolate!

Besides eating chocolate, the fun is seeing it interpreted in miniature.

My friend Kitty has been working on making a fancy Chocolate Shoppe sure to make any chocoholic drool. The chocolate box kits and furniture kits are from Lisa's Little Things, (a real addiction in itself!)

Kitty makes her own chocolate and cakes from FIMO polymer clay. She also is making some of her own chocolate boxes from vintage labels. Convincing, huh?

You can see other pix of her food and more of her chocolate shop items at her blog.

From the supreme Godiva Chocolates, to Hershey's chocolate, there's something for every taste. (Check out the tiny Hershey's logos on the front page.)

For miniaturists, the fascination is in making a scene look real. Dollhouse printies are always fun to make - and see.

* Check out these modern chocolate candy wrappers (full size). (The Belgian chocolate link below also has small labels.)

* Or how about the perfect 1900's era Hershey bar wrapper. (full size).

** What's your favorite chocolate? I'll take Belgian chocolate anytime.

* See Part 2
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