December 08, 2008

12 Days of Christmas in Miniature, Day 8, O Christmas Tree

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On the Eighth Day of Christmas, someone gave to me...

The perfect Christmas Tree. (Pictured: Miniature Christmas room, Smithsonian Museum Store)

If you truly want to celebrate Christmas in miniature, then getting the perfect Christmas tree is a must. What kind of tree to get or how to decorate it? I found some great sources for Christmas trees and decorating ideas.

The Smithsonian Museum Store has a beautiful parlor set that'll have you in the Christmas spirit in no time. A chorus of "O Christmas Tree" and a mug of Wassail anyone?

Or how about something more original?

This 9" tall, one-of-a-kind "Peace" Tree by Alice Zinn at Mini Christmas features 50 lights and handmade ornaments. It features that "new look" using larger than normal ornaments I've been seeing on real trees.

Do you feel creative? Try making your own tree. Victoria Miniland has a great video on How To Make A Miniature Christmas Tree.

A Patriotic Christmas

What better inspiration than the gorgeous White House Christmas tree? See the 2008 White House Christmas tree and the beautiful decorations in this video.

Visit the White House web pages for history on the National Christmas tree, more about the decorations, (check out the gingerbread White House!) and even a hot chocolate recipe!

The George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas, hosted the incredible Miniature White House last Christmas season. See photos of the miniature rooms here.

The amazing house, which I'd love to see in person someday, represents more than 30 years of work by the Zwiefel family. The house, 55' long and 20' wide, presents up-to-date views of all the rooms in the White House. I wonder if they'll do the Obama administration changes, also.

*Come back tomorrow for more Christmas in miniature!


  1. Wow Chris - again you have amazed me. I had never seen "the white house in miniature" and it was a fantastic tour. Thank you so much for sharing this site. What will you offer tomorrow????? Can't wait to find out.

  2. Chris,
    This looks great! I love reading all the neat Miniature tips and ideas you have! Thanks for your comments on my blog!


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