December 19, 2008

Writing Tip 5: Camille Minichino's Take on Time

Time is in short supply these days. We're rushing to stores, rushing to prepare for the holidays, rushing to... write?

Not exactly. You can be eager to write, but take your time about getting to it. More realistically, it can be hard to devote the time to writing, especially when it's a larger project like a novel.

Camille Minichino/Margaret Grace author of The Dollhouse Mystery Series, MURDER IN MINIATURE, MAYHEM IN MINIATURE and the upcoming MALICE IN MINIATURE (Berkley Feb. 09), says you don't need a lot of time to write.

Writing Tip 5: Use Every Minute

She says, "learn to use small amounts of time to further your work in progress. If you wait until you have 'the ideal' setting or block of time, you'll never finish!

"Even if you have only fifteen minutes, make use of it to reconnect with the book."

Good advice! Every minute can add up.

** Your Turn: how/when do you squeeze in writing time?

-- Camille Minichino/Margaret Grace, MAYHEM IN MINIATURE: In Book 2, Gerry and granddaughter Maddie try to help one of Gerry's students who's accused of murder.

In Book 3, MALICE IN MINIATURE, Gerry is going to a reunion at the high school where she taught for more than two decades. But trouble makes an appearance when a former student is accused of murdering an old flame. Gerry and granddaughter Maddie, now 11, find their lives turned upside down as they try to find the answers.


  1. During the holiday season ... make that 8 free minutes instead of 15. Still time enough to read a blog and post a comment! Thanks Chris!

  2. Camille is right on (write on?) about this. Her energy and productivity are inspiring. As I tell students in my writing classes, "You don't find time to write, you make time." I often struggle, though, to follow my own, and Camille's, good advice.

  3. I write when the DH and the dog are sleeping. I also write on my laptop computer on the train.
    I used to write on my lunch hour, but that was cut into half an hour, so I barely have time to eat.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. You all are better than me. ha! I wish I could get something decent done in 8 minutes!


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