January 22, 2009

Inaugural and Other High Fashion by Designer Jason Wu

Besides the Inauguration itself, there was plenty of anticipation over what First Lady Michelle Obama would wear to the Inaugural Balls Tuesday.

While Obama's choice of the pretty, sparkly white gown by designer Jason Wu has been both applauded and derided, what's interesting is that there has been little mention of the young designer's previous experience.

Although he came out with his first fashion collection in 2006, not many people realize that Wu has been a recognizable name in the collectible fashion doll world since 2001. These are not "toy" dolls, as one columnist sniped. Far from it.

Wu's Fashion Royalty line features poseable fashion dolls with originally designed wardrobes that would fit right in any life-sized fashion show.

Of note is the new Hollywood Royalty line featuring dolls with amazing likenesses.

The line features Lana Turner (2008, 1000 edition, $89.99 for basic doll) and Josephine Baker (2009, La Baker, $99.99), along with some incredible costumes. The Premium Lana doll comes dressed in a gorgeous black-and-white embroidered gown from her movie. (500 edition, $179.99).

Pictured: Left, La Baker, basic Josephine Baker doll. Right, Premium Lana Turner dressed doll

See the Integrity Toys site for other fashion doll lines and dealers.

The dolls, available in limited edition collections of 300 to 1200 editions, (these dolls are usually 15-15.5" tall compared to the standard 11.5" Barbie doll size).

The wardrobes of these and other collectible dolls, like those from designer Robert Tonner of Tonner Dolls, are definitely tempting. Very tempting.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Chris. I did not know Jason Wu designed for fshion dolls. I wonder if there will be a "Michelle" doll?

  2. What was wrong with her dress. I liked it!! Some people just lime to complain.

  3. yeah I liked it too. I like that she leans towards sparkly. Loved the yellow morning outfit! (favorite color!)

  4. I think Michelle Obama is very attractive, but her outfits are a miss with me. I would love to dress her differently, in clothes that flatter her tall, statuesque figure more. Her daughters are always dressed perfectly.


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