December 08, 2023

Progress: Half Scale Mansion Dollhouse


It's a start!

Yes, the Park Ave. Mansion is moving along. I guess I need to post more often. ha!

Well, I hate those stages of dollhouse building where you have an idea in mind, not sure what'll look right, and don't like how it looks at the moment. (See last post; see other posts in left column archives list. Click photos for full size.)

But... I've moved beyond that now and have made some progress I'm happy with!

I decided to put two outside lights, one by each door, top and bottom. I used the tops I took off those smaller Christmas village light poles and attached them to small wood ovals I cut in half and painted for bases. They work well for outside lights on the cheap. I also cut some 1" scale railing pieces to make window boxes (not shown). Then I just had to glue small pieces on each side to make the box. I'll paint them to match the trim and am thinking of putting in red flowers and greenery. 

Here's the top door: (minus the stairs yet to be built and painted.) Stairs: Hmm, just saw a TV commercial with a similar (real) house. It had a green door. What caught my eye was the stairs were painted the same color. The reddish color stairs could look interesting instead of the white? Will think on that as I think the white is ok in small spots, but would be too blinding in  a large item. 

Initially I thought I'd stain the doors, but they weren't dark enough. I wanted a reddish color so I decided to paint them the Americana Rookwood Red, which I also used partly on my Fairfield house. I think the reddish-brown gives a nice contrast. I have to finish painting the doors (and find some doorknobs!) with another coat and do the trim. Painted the trim the same Vintage white as the windows too. That hole at the right is where the center tower goes. I'll show the finished doors in the next post.

First floor: 

 Yes, it is going to be a diner and a small gift shop. I saw someone had used the same color scheme and I liked it as I had the same thing in mind. I got several bar stools (image from site) from MiniEtchers. Just wondering if they'll look right painted silver, or if I'll do them in wood? 

I'll make two small counters against the back and right side wall (which isn't attached yet), one for cooking and one for eating. I want to put a couple cafe tables, too. The fun will be making some food and figuring out things like a griddle, French fry maker, etc. I'll have one or two cafe tables as well.

The center globes were an idea that worked out well after other disasters with two other light fixtures each having bulbs go out. I found round LED Christmas replacement lights (cheap, 4 for $1 something.) Took them apart and drilled the hole in the plastic globe slightly larger and sanded it. They have a kind of textured design on them.

The back wall was touchy getting the wall fixtures on as I had to put a hole in the paper, solder the lights, and then glue the paper and then the lights, A balancing act for sure!

Left side faux walls:

To save space, I decided to  forgo all the stairs and instead make fake doorways leading to the unseen hallways. See the brick wall on left side of photo above. I'll have brick on that back wall, too. That leads to the boxes below:

Of course some ideas sound good and then you have to figure out how to make them, ha! So these tiny boxes (about 3/4" wide) will cover the holes drilled on top of each fake side wall for an exit  sign. I have lights attached on each floor to pull into the boxes and hope to print out the word EXIT on transparencies. The boxes are primed white and I painted them brown to blend into the brick more. Yeah, these gave me fits to put together! To make it a "little" easier, I glued wood corner angles together around a wood base inside and then cut pieces for the sides. I have to drill holes inside the boxes yet so hoping that works!

Second floor:

I decided to put a fireplace on the right side for the sitting room as I liked how Jeanne did hers in her house (see previous post.) Well, I have another one which I couldn't find, so I had to use this one and modify it by adding some depth to the back. I glued cardboard over the sides and brick to the inside supports and painted it all white, I also made a bottom brick piece and will have brick on the back. I made a new top mantle and glued on some shiny marbled paper. I think it turned out well!

Yes, I'm going for a different look here with the gold-striped paper and will also put in some vintage white wainscoting. I wanted a "richer," more dramatic look but make it look a bit more updated. 

So far, so good! I've made a few other changes, too, that I'll show later.  Getting there!

I'm gluing scrapbook paper in as I write this. I like the designing, the papering, not so much, ha! Made some curtains for the second floor also. Vintage looking. Will show those next time. Hey, gotta leave some surprises! ha!

That's it for the moment! Thanks for visiting again and taking a peek.

** It's also that time of year that I started on what to make for the annual half scale group swap. Something useful, even if it only gets stuck in an attic. ha! That's all I can say for now! This year's theme was "Pot Luck" meaning anything. The themes are only suggestions as you can make what you want. (Here's a past toy swap and last year's Kitschy swap.) 

Come back soon for more updates!