November 06, 2023

Next Project: The Half-Scale Mansion

 I'm on a book-high at the moment, having just finished reading Stephen King's latest, Holly. (Marvelous!!) So my mind is kind of caught up in that wonderful feeling when you read a good, satisfying book! 

I have been working a bit on the temporary funeral parlor - lights are in and working, trim and wood wainscoting panels are done, and I have a few things to do next. But, as I tend to do, I set it aside for a bit to actually start the Park Ave. Mansion. The completed photos are only the kit: I'm not that far yet. (Kit images, LaserDollhouseDesigns.)

As usually happens with these projects, at least for me, it's hard to start until you have your color choices figured out. Had to paint the sidewalk a light gray first. Then I decided on Sandstone for the basement stairs, which look pretty cool, but I have to say, did not go in as easily as I'd thought they would. But I finally got it.

This is another house you have to think of the building in steps so you don't mess it up. So I figured at least the bottom of the house's front walls have to be painted first since they butt up to the sidewalk. But... what color to do the brick? Do I fill in the grout lines, and what color for that, too?

Of course, I chose a color I liked, and in the back of my mind, knew maybe I shouldn't since I had... one bottle. Ceramcoat Raw Linen. And I couldn't find any more locally, so had to find a similar color as I want the grout lines to stand out. I ended up with DecoArt Americana Bleached Sand, which may or may not have more of the slight greenish tone rather than too white or gray or yellowish. So we'll see. Have to repaint the small parts I did. 

No biggie. The idea I had was to pounce or stipple the bricks themselves with maybe a red-tone paint or maybe tan with red accents. I saw a photo of a reddish-brick rowhouse and I liked that rather than just tan. Still deciding... I know, boring stuff. Well, bear with me. 

Modern Or?

I am not looking forward to painting all those windows. I am thinking of the same light sand color as I am going to attempt a more modern interior, which I've admired in dollhouses but have never done. For inspiration, here's a great modern interior done by Jeanne H. shared on the FB HalfScaleMinis group. (Used with permission.)

She only used one hallway wall as they really take up a lot of space otherwise. (I love the flooring; opposite of the floor I used in the Witch Cottage second-floor bedroom.)  I was thinking of deleting the walls mostly, too. When I checked, the bottom floor ended up with really small rooms if you follow how it was designed. Not sure about all the stairs, too, as they take up space. Then only have the halls with doors? Faux doors? Not sure yet. I'll have a better idea when I see the front and side walls glued.

 We'll see how that turns out. It may be more modern only on the top floor where the rich older homeowner lives. She has renters on the other floors, an antiques store or diner on the first floor (haven't decided), and a shabby-but-neat sleeping-living room or two on the second floor. Not sure yet.


 I am leaning toward having a diner on the bottom basement floor which could have a small counter (wanted to do a back cooking counter but not a full kitchen), and some store items. Remember the old Woolworth's counter and booths within steps of the store shelves? (They had great grilled cheese!)

 Or maybe just a small back counter (with griddle, sink, fryer, fridge, etc.) and a smallish counter to sit at with stools. Just a few seats...?  I think I still have copies of that old Joann Swanson Nutshell News project to make a 1" scale diner/cafe... will have to hunt for it. (* Here's an index of Swanson's projects on her blog. * Her Thanksgiving how-to could be useful. * Ideas  - diner project on YouTube.)

It's been a while since I made Fimo food....I made these in 1" scale  for my rooftop BBQ in a wall-hanging cabinet.

 It would be fun to figure out how to make the items needed and the food, I think. And it would be something different (and much smaller!) in half-scale. I keep picturing the burgers frying on the grill! (Check out this vintage Woolworth's Diner on FB. Apparently the last one around in CA and last story I saw said it was going to be restored and re-open?) I'd have to get a stainless steel-look spray paint for the cooking counter to look right, I think. (See images of counter and old Woolworth's at Atomic Redhead.)

We'll see; this is brainstorming yet... as you know I change my mind - a lot! haa!

Decisions, decisions!

Added note: Admitting I wasn't real keen on what to do here... but!! The colors decided it. I picked a different color (and yay! the grout lines stayed whitish!) so I got the outside painted and really like it!! I'll show pix soon!

So, that's where it stands for the moment... This will take a bit to get to more of a showable stage, so stay tuned!

Thanks again for visiting and be sure to check back for what's next!