November 15, 2023

Half Scale Dollhouse Mansion 2: Brick & Colors

Brick, brick!!

As I mentioned in the last post, I started working on the Half Scale Park Ave. Mansion

I wasn't real sure how I wanted to do the exterior, but I knew I wanted the grout lines to show as the outside is etched like large bricks. Every house I've seen so far has been one color and beige or tan. (Click photos for full size; more posts in left column archives.)

Well, as everyone knows, I'm a color person! Now I really wanted to wait for more of this to be built before I shared, but I'm impatient! So... I tried a few different shades and it turns out that the Americana Milk Chocolate paint is a nice rusty-brownish color! Brushing it on lightly, as I didn't want to do heavy coats, it also lets some white background show through, which gives it more of a worn look. I added some patches of gray paint also for aging. I like the results. Whew! Glad that's decided!

Papers, papers...

(Oops! I'll fix that top corner edge now that I see it! ha!)

Next, it's one of those think-in-stages things - or you'll be sorry! Part electric tape in, but!! Choose papers as the center tower has to be papered and the windows installed before that is glued on. This is what I'm deciding on - the third floor is the only one I'll use the walls to make three rooms - hall on left and two sitting/sleeping rooms for boarders. The diner owner will live in the right side room, which will be brick walls. I decided on the tree print scrapbook paper in the top center tower. 

It's Curtains! Well, some...

I kept thinking the lace should be switched on each floor because of the colors, but I wanted the lady owner to have the golden-color lace since she's moved to the center floor now. So I found this brown fabric which actually has a leaf print though it's really not visible once I folded/glued the fabric. But it made a cute little valance to match the third floor paper. I edged it with Bunka. I'll make longer curtains, too, if needed. I may add some kind of valance over the gold lace yet if I find something that looks right and goes with the fabrics. We'll see.

Added: I kept thinking it needed... something. But? Saw someone else's curtains and thought this would work better - just cut another piece of the lace for the top. Now it looks more "finished."

 ** Idea! Maybe I'll make wood valances again from the wood fans as I did in my Victorian dollhouse bedroom! Hmm....Nah.... see what I did above. I'll keep the wood frames as original to that other house. The bottom wall is textured brick paper from Starboc2 on Etsy. 

The tower has to be glued in yet, but this is how it looks so far. I decided on the same sand color for the windows as I used for the grout lines.

My other idea is to make faux walls to fit in the space to the left of the windows inside to give the illusion of exits to the hallway stairs. I'm thinking of only using stairs on the first floor. I want to try adding lighted exit signs on each wall. We'll see if the idea works. I have to try making small boxes and print out transparencies with the word EXIT on them. One of those ideas I've got in my head, so it better look right! haa!

( Forgot to add the front photo so far to give an idea how it looks. I really like the color.)

Second floor...

I had changed my mind (of course!) and am putting the elderly owner on the second floor instead as I wanted her to have the fancy entrance door. As Jeanne did in her building (see last post), I'm going to make a sitting area with a fancy fireplace at that side. I am thinking of adding some bookcases and elements from Brooke Tucker's Golden Christmas book. 

I have a pair of lamps someone made based on the book that I'd bought in my half scale group some time ago. I was sooo lucky to find the book online last year at the incredible price of... $5! This book sells for $$$. I'd searched for years to find it. I also had previously bought the Miniature White House book online super reasonable. (There's a couple of the White House books online now for under $5. I usually have good luck at ThriftBooks.) 


Compared to the other houses I've recently done, especially The Fairfield, this house really isn't as big or complicated. Pretty straight-forward building wise. Just have to keep at it. Simple rooms. What will take longer are the pieces I want to make. I still have that diner in mind and have a few ideas how to do that floor. I'm again going to use my favorite black/white tile scrapbook paper floor and going to see if the bold red/white stripe paper I found will work on the walls with lots of Coca Cola signs, etc. Stay tuned!

Not a big update, but wanted to share some progress!

Thanks again for visiting. Come back soon for more updates!