December 07, 2023

Happy Birthday!

 It's my birthday today! So I'm celebrating with some minis, Egg Nog, and maybe a custard donut! No cake, just in mini! 😉

Oh I have plenty of half-scale cakes in my bakery! See more pix here.

I'm working on some neat updates on the half-scale Park Ave. Mansion and do have a post scheduled so stay tuned. The doors are painted and of course, I had to go get some new lace for the door windows but I think it'll look good. Made some curtains for the second floor window, too, which look pretty good. Hint, hint...

My real-life crafting space (above) should look so neat! (From my yellow half-scale Victorian house.) See video on website; scroll past blog on top on the page.)

What else? I'll meet virtually with friends in my writing group... My "office" should look so good... I type at the kitchen table or move the laptop to a small table in the other room. Just easier. (Room shown is also in my half-scale yellow Victorian. I love that chair as it's so different - and it swivels, too! It's from the discontinued Monticello collection, and I wish I would've bought more than one.) 

After that, I think I'll have some Brit-style fish and chips. (It's frozen but I can't get to England so it'll do. ha!) And more Egg Nog. 'Tis the season. Boy, I miss those Egg Nog shakes from McDonald's. Worst decision they ever made getting rid of them. Saves me some calories, though. haa!

Scene from my Christmas house...

Thanks for visiting! Come back soon for another post.