January 21, 2009

Writing Tip 15: Make friends, says Morgan Mandel

Morgan Mandel, author of GIRL OF MY DREAMS (Hard Shell Word Factory, Jan. '08), is a writer's writer.

She enjoys helping promote others; she reaches out to other writers. No lonely writer moping in the attic for her. She's a gregarious writer.

Writing Tip 15: Don't Do It Alone.

Morgan says, "writing is a tough business. Don't do it alone.

"Join a writing organization, such as Romance Writers of America (RWA), if you're writing romance; and Sisters in Crime or Mystery Writers of America (MWA) or both, if you're writing mystery.

"Support and mentoring will help you along and keep you sane. Without my local Chicago-North RWA Chapter, I never would have gotten published."

-- Christina Wantz Fixemer of Wantz Upon A Time reviews says of GIRL OF MY DREAMS, A Cinderella Story featuring an assistant turned reality show contestant:

“Blake Caldwell is furious that his plain-Jane assistant went behind his back to get on his show. Even worse, she's hands-down gorgeous when made up, and the show's millionaire star isn't blind.

"How can he get Jillian off the show when she is easily the most popular contestant, and maybe even the girl of his dreams?"

* Visit Morgan Mandel's blog.

* What's your favorite writer's organization and why? How has it helped you as a writer?


  1. Hey, Morgan. I don't know that I have a favorite writer's group, unless it would be here on the Muse. The fine folks there have become like a microcosm of my family.

    I have friends who are good writers, and I can count on them for support, critiques, answers to questions about writing and don't seem to ever get tired of me.

    That's a good group, if you ask me!

  2. Waving at Morgan. Sounds like a great book

  3. I belong to the Florida Writers Assn (FWA). and the Gulf Coast Writers (GCWA). I think both groups are fabulous and have helped with my writing career. I met my publisher through the FWA!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton
    Author of The Ride

  4. Thanks, Chris for allowing me to share my tip today. I hope it will help writers on the road to publication. For those who are already published, I wonder how many did it alone?

    Morgan Mandel

  5. My favorite online group is probably Sisters in Crime. I'm on the listserv, which is quite active. It has a wide range of topics, plus Mentoring Monday's.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Morgan. I myself have met more writers online. It's been great getting to know them, hearing their tips, etc.

  7. I agree with Morgan. My local RWA chapter (Chicago-North) has been a huge part of my accomplishments as a published writer. I also find support from on-line groups through my publisher and other social networks. Writing friends are a big part of my life these days.

  8. Morgan, my favorite online groups are Wicked Company and Murder Must Advertise. I have learned a lot from both groups, as well as receiving lots of support.

    Before the online frenzy, I belonged to two critique groups, The Greater Dallas Writer's Association and one in Omaha, NE that was part of Sisters in Crime. Both were immensely helpful in terms of giving me excellent feedback on my work. I learned as much from the folks in the groups as I did in some of the creative writing classes I took.

  9. I have a forum I haunt on occasion, which has given me some really good friends, critique partners, and advice. Romance Divas is a great community of men and women who are always there for one another.


  10. I think the main thing is to have someone or someones in the know encourage you and also tell you in a nice way if what you're doing is wrong, whether it be an official organization, a listserv, a local writers' group, or other.

    It's almost impossible to go it alone, also, not as much fun.

    Morgan Mandel


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