January 15, 2009

Miniature of the Month: Miniatures of Christa Chayata

Today I'm featuring the charming miniatures of Dutch dollhouse collector Christa Chayata.

Looking at her work, which is full of character, you'd never know that Christa has only been collecting and creating dollhouse miniatures for three years. The work shown is in the standard 1-inch scale (1" = 1 foot).

Finding herself unable to do much becase of an injured arm, Christa decided to look on the Internet. She found a site with little bears and decided to try to make one. Then she made a real discovery.

"I looked more on the Internet and discovered that the bears could live in dollhouses," she says.,"Wow! What a discovery. I wanted that too, but wanted to try and make everything myself."

She wasn't sure if she could, so she decided to try to do something smaller. Her first project was this
beautiful Rose Garden.

The flowers look real, don't they?

She did make everything herself, such as the bricks from egg cartons, flowers from paper, a painted pond, and soldering the seats, table and bow from metal. (Not bad for a beginner!)

Go to her workshop page to see how to make the water lilies and more. (Her pages are in Dutch, but the pictures show the steps and what she did.) *

Victoria Miniland also has some tutorials on how to make stones and bricks from egg cartons.

Christa's dolls, though, have a charm all their own. She says the beautiful lady in black (at top) is probably her favorite, but she is also drawn to making child dolls.

Christa says, "I try to do my best on making the dolls look as alive as possible."

I think she succeeds, don't you?

* See Christa's amazing Alice in Wonderland and be sure to check out the rest of her website and blog .


  1. Those are adorable. And soooo real looking. What an art.

  2. The Alice in Wonderland ones are just darling. I also love the little brunette-haired girl for that cute teddy bear.

  3. Such beautiful work! I'd never have the patience for things like that.
    Thanks for visiting earlier.

  4. Christa Chayata does gorgeous work! And her dolls do indeed look very real and are luminously beautiful.

  5. Her work is beautiful. Thanks for featuring it. I had forgotten to add your blog to my blogroll! So glad I saw your message on one of the Yahoo Groups. I enjoy your blog but had neglected to add you on so others could find you if they happened across mine! Happy Mini endeavors in 2009~!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds


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