January 23, 2009

Friday Rants: Britney, Thain, and all that junk

I'm tired of thinking, so I'm going to post today on all the ridiculous things I come across. Feel free to add your own rants, too. Get it off your chest and have a good weekend!

Heard: What? Britney to get millions for a book (well a three-book) deal? (Can she write? Meow.)

Huh. Well Searching For A Starry Night is only $10. Ebook is $6. A bargain and I wrote it myself. I'm not making millions so please buy one.

Heard: Greedy Bank of America CEO John Thain ousted. But not before spending millions (gee, remember the bailout??) on office redecorating, an $87,000 rug, and, oh the best - something like $37,000 for what's being called a "commode on legs."

Let's call it what it is - a toilet. The question: why is it that ill-spent money always goes towards lavish lavatories? Remember Saddam Hussein's gold toilet? I know there were others who did much the same whom I can't think of at the moment. I'm sure there's enough tar and feathers left for him and Madoff.

Heard: Names we've already heard too much of barely a month into 2009: Madonna, Tom (and Katie), Clint's rehash of Dirty Harry without a horse; spoiled Hollywood kids; Brangelina and their brood; stars who died and now are elevated to sainthood. Enough already. RIP.

Okay rant over (for now). Feel free to add your "favorites."


  1. Please call over to my blog there is an award waiting for you.

  2. Oh, thank heavens I'm not the only ranter out there! I went on a tear against political endorsements on mini/quilting/home decor/etc. blogs and was afraid I may have offended ranting against ranting! I just like to focus on things that unite us in our like interests rather than divide us. I agree with your rants. I like people with common sense! By the way, there is an award for you over at my mini blog.

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  3. I hate it when a train is late and they say the number of the train instead of the time it was supposed to arrive at the station. No one pays attention to train numbers.

    Sayng this because I'm still getting warmed up after waiting outside 1/2 for the train.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. thanks Debbie! Morgan, you too? oh boy! Hey Jody, I guess sometimes you gotta let loose! I wondered about my post, but I've read stronger stuff out there (and worse, and meaner!) Hey common sense is missing today!
    You got that right, Morgan!

  5. LOL - cool rant! tee hee.

    Hey Christine, case you missed it - I started answering your "Ask the Editors" question re: self-editing today on the Blood Red Pencil blog.

  6. yeah I saw that Marvin, thanks. Good ideas! (Glad I inspired you to do a series. ha!)

  7. Enjoyed your rant. I haven't gone off on a tear in a while. Guess I'm about due.


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