June 28, 2019

Miniature Inspiration - Street of Shops, records

Looking at some ideas for projects I've had in mind...

I got another corner shop and double window shop from the Houseworks Street of Shops. 

I also have the single window shop and an extra corner shop to do yet. Deciding which will be what store. I like the corner shop and was thinking of using that for the witch's bakery. The single window shop will probably be the fortune teller's house next door. Maybe I'll use one for a ladies shop. I have lots of stuff saved for that! I'll have to make sure I can fit them together in one space as that looks so neat that way. 

I have two others I made a long time ago, my miniature tea shop and a spooky plant greenhouse.  (See finished pix here.)

Then the big project is a record store. But... holy cow. I've barely begun making album covers based on these examples I found, especially in this video below!

Some records (a few!)  I made previously:

* 1970s record store

* Scale model exterior record store