June 21, 2019

Latest Mini Projects: Window Room

I had shared this photo on FB recently and didn't say what it would be, only that it'll feature an old favorite....

The kit is a wall-hanging window. It was a 2015 NAME  Day (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts) kit called "Window Shopping." (See some finished and framed examples here.

Someone also let me know (after I had problems following the pictures in the instructions and finally figured it out) that there were also directions in the NAME Gazette. (Nice they have all the issues here. See Vol. 44 #6 for this project.). Funny as I'm usually pretty good with instructions but I pulled out this kit and put it away three times before I finally tackled it!

I thought it was a cute idea and a small simple way to highlight a few items in a collection. I was lucky and picked it up at a show for $10.

So.... what is mine going to be? Well....  I had done a previous shadowbox on a specific theme and thought this would be perfect for some of the smaller items I have, some came from my Half Scale group's annual swap.

Here's a preview of how the room is set up so far. This is a test fit; I have to glue everything in yet. I'd really enjoyed doing the other small shadowbox, (see photos), so I thought this would be a perfect follow-up and something I could also hang on a wall. The fabric Raggedy print background and the bookcase kit are from Dragonfly International.

The walls and floor have to be glued in yet, but I have to paint, measure and glue in the wall shelf brackets first. This is one of those kits that you have to make sure you do certain steps first. That outer frame as seen  in the top photo will be covered in a brick wallpaper.

The Low Bookcase kit from the Girls' Bed Set is 3.5" h, 3 7/8" w and 1" d. It goes together nice though a hint is to add some strong glue like E6000 or Quik Grip and hold with rubber bands until it dries to get a tighter fit. 

I also got a set of Raggedy Ann book covers from Dragonfly for the bookcase and plan to add some flowers as well. I'm thinking of putting in a white wire chair and a small doll as I also got a fabric Raggedy print dress kit from Dragonfly, too.  Next time, I'll show any further progress I make.

And still working on: 
Yes, I'm a procrastinator. I still have to put the lights in the Half Scale Haunted House I was working on, which is set aside at the moment.Then I have to cut, paint and add a chipboard "wrought iron" railing on the roof edge that I got from AlphaStamps. This one is nice as it's 2.5" h and I can cut it into two pieces. I'm going to use part of it for this project and then I'll still have another piece to use, too! So, still working on that, as well.

If you can't tell, the "vase" in the left poppy flowers below is a bone portion from part of a Halloween bone-parts necklace. Ha! The fuchsia plant is made from a Bonnie Lavish kit. Loved making it and it came together easier than I thought. I have to put a hanger on it yet. Definitely want to do another. These are 1" scale flowers, but I like using this size too even in half scale as some of the HS flowers can be so tiny! The house has 1" scale plants out in front anyway and they fit fine.

So that's the progress so far.  And yes, I'm working on a writing project, too, but it's nice to keep the creative juices going in both areas. 

Until next time! Thanks for stopping by.
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